Rizzo joins forces with Aaron Judge’s hitting coach, boosting Yankees’ hopes for home run expectations

New York Yankees first baseman Anthony Rizzo (48) rounds the bases on his 3-run home run during the first inning when the New York Yankees played the Seattle Mariners Monday, Aug. 1, 2022, at Yankee Stadium in Bronx.
NY POST Photo/Robert Sabo
Amanda Paula
Saturday November 25, 2023

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In a surprising twist this week, New York Yankees fans were treated to an unexpected spectacle at the team’s training facility. Anthony Rizzo, the seasoned first baseman, was spotted teaming up with none other than Richard Schenck, the renowned hitting coach famed for his association with the Yankees’ powerhouse, Aaron Judge. The unexpected partnership has sent shockwaves through the baseball community, leaving fans and experts eagerly anticipating the potential impact on Rizzo’s performance and the insights shared between these two baseball virtuosos.

Cameras clicked and tongues wagged as Anthony Rizzo stepped into the batting cage alongside Richard Schenck, a name synonymous with turning good hitters into great ones. While Rizzo has already established himself as a formidable batter over the years, his decision to collaborate with Judge’s personal coach signals a commitment to continuous improvement and a quest for refined skills.

Richard Schenck, credited with contributing to Aaron Judge’s batting success, brings a wealth of experience and a unique training approach. His knack for dissecting a player’s swing intricacies and addressing specific areas for improvement has proven successful in the past. Now, Rizzo, known for his hitting prowess and consistent offensive contributions, appears poised to benefit from Schenck’s personalized guidance.

The collaboration between Rizzo and Schenck holds the potential to yield positive results for the seasoned first baseman. Schenck’s focus on refining mechanics, optimizing swing trajectories, and enhancing overall batting strategy aligns with Rizzo’s goals of maintaining a high level of performance throughout the season.

Furthermore, the exchange of ideas and techniques between Rizzo and Schenck could lead to a synergy of skills. The veteran insights of Rizzo combined with Schenck’s advanced training methods may create a dynamic that benefits not only the individual players but also the teams they represent.

This news comes in the same week that Gleyber Torres shared a revelation about studying the batting style of Shohei Ohtani with Aaron Judge.

Meet Richard Schenck

Meanwhile, in a fascinating side story, Richard Schenck, affectionately known as “Teacherman,” is the driving force behind this unexpected alliance. A former catcher for Northeast Missouri State in the 1970s, Schenck’s journey into the world of coaching began as a father-son project focused on emulating Barry Bonds’ swing for the benefit of his youngest son, Brandon.

Schenck’s dedication to mastering Bonds’ swing not only transformed his son’s batting struggles into success but also caught the attention of former MLB player Dave Matranga. Matranga, now a player agent with clients including Aaron Judge, facilitated the connection between Judge and Schenck.

As the collaboration between Anthony Rizzo and Richard Schenck adds an intriguing subplot to baseball’s evolving narrative, fans eagerly await the unfolding impact on the game and the players involved. With Schenck’s track record of success and Rizzo’s commitment to continuous improvement, the synergy between these baseball minds may well contribute to a new chapter in the distinguished careers of both individuals. As the season progresses, fans will be on the edge of their seats, anticipating the unique collaboration’s influence on the game and the players involved. Home runs and headlines await in this unexpected partnership!

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4 thoughts on “Rizzo joins forces with Aaron Judge’s hitting coach, boosting Yankees’ hopes for home run expectations

  1. That’s good he still willing to the art of hitting. Because hitting is the most difficult of the game. He can only get better and make one of the Yankees greater first baseman.

  2. Rizzo is a favorite player of mine. I am glad he is working on hitting now. Maybe he can win comeback player of the year.

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