Lengthy IL stint likely for Aaron Judge, Bader is close to return, Yankees reach 100 HRs

Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees
Josh Barrett
Sunday June 11, 2023

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There is still no official update on when Aaron Judge is expected to make his return from the right big toe sprain that led to his placement on the injured list last week.

It has been a full week since Aaron Judge injured his right big toe while colliding with the bottom of the right-field wall at Dodger Stadium during an impressive catch.

Despite the fact that a whole week has passed, the New York Yankees have not provided a specific timetable for Aaron Judge’s recovery. And this leaves uncertainty around the duration of the superstar slugger’s absence from the team.

Boone gave ‘unclear’ update on Aaron Judge

Aaron Boone stated on Saturday afternoon, ahead of the Yankees’ game against the Red Sox at Yankee Stadium, that there were no significant updates regarding Aaron Judge’s condition. Boone mentioned that the power hitter was feeling better, albeit without providing specific details on his progress.

According to Boone, the Yankees are taking a cautious approach to Aaron Judge’s recovery since he bruised and sprained his toe during the game against the Dodgers. They are waiting for the swelling to subside before determining a specific timetable for his return. Aaron Judge received a PRP injection to aid in the healing process, and the team wants to give it time to take effect before assessing his condition again.

Currently, Aaron Judge is still experiencing discomfort and walking with a limp, as he continues to protect his right foot. The healing process for an injury in such a sensitive area can be slow, especially considering Judge’s size.

Fortunately, the injury wasn’t more severe, such as a toe fracture or another foot bone fracture. In that regard, it was the best possible outcome. However, Judge is unlikely to return immediately when he becomes eligible to come off the injured list early next week. There is a possibility that his absence could extend beyond the initial timeframe.

During the eighth inning of the June 3 game against the Dodgers, Aaron Judge sustained the injury while attempting to catch a long drive by J.D. Martinez. He collided with the bullpen door in right field and his right foot forcefully hit the cement base of the fence.

Yankees captain Aaron Judge busted the bullpen door at Dodger Stadium while making a spectacular catch on June 3, 2023.

Uncertainty over Aaron Judge’s return

The New York Yankees have not made any official announcements regarding the expected duration of Aaron Judge’s absence as the reigning American League MVP. Likewise, he himself has not provided any updates on his return timeline.

Aaron Judge himself believes it is best not to set a timetable because there are multiple factors involved in his recovery, and the medical staff doesn’t want to provide an inaccurate timeline. The decision on his return will be based on how he feels.

Manager Aaron Boone mentioned that he had daily discussions with Judge about his injury. Boone also had an extensive conversation with trainer Mike Schuk to gather information about Aaron Judge’s progress and improvements in terms of swelling and overall condition.

Boone has been closely monitoring Aaron Judge’s condition on a daily basis. On Saturday afternoon, he had an extensive discussion with Michael Schuk, the Yankees’ Director of Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation. Based on this conversation, Boone believes that if Judge’s swelling continues to improve in the coming days, the team will have a better understanding of how long he will be sidelined. Therefore, there is a possibility that the uncertainty surrounding Judge’s absence will only last a few more days.

Harrison Bader close to return


Yankees manager, Aaron Boone, mentioned that a decision regarding Harrison Bader‘s rehab assignment is imminent. Bader has been on the injured list since May 30 due to a right hamstring strain. Boone stated on Saturday that they are nearing the point of making that decision.

According to Boone, Friday marked a significant step in Bader’s rehabilitation progress. It was the first day when Bader was able to actively engage in the rehab process, particularly in terms of his movement on the field.

Considering that Bader’s absence is expected to be relatively short, the Yankees have a couple of options to consider. They can choose to have him undergo several more days of intensified baseball activities and then activate him in time for the upcoming three-game series against Boston next weekend. Alternatively, they could opt for a rehab assignment in the minors, allowing Bader to play a couple of games before returning to the Yankees.

Boone expressed his hope that they will reach a position to make a final decision sometime in the upcoming week.

100 home runs for the Yankees

Aaron Judge is at Great American Ball Park on May 20, 2023.

The Yankees have been displaying some impressive power at the plate this season. As of Saturday night, they have already hit 100 home runs, ranking them second in the American League and fourth overall in the majors. Their offense has been particularly strong since the beginning of May, with a league-leading 66 home runs during that time. It’s worth noting that the Yankees have had an incredible 18 different players hit home runs this season, which matches their total from the previous year.

Leading up to Saturday’s game, the Yankees had shown great consistency in their power-hitting abilities. They had hit home runs in each of their last seven games, with a total of 13 home runs in that stretch alone. In fact, they had homered in 11 out of their last 12 games, resulting in an impressive tally of 22 home runs during that span. This goes to show the formidable offensive firepower the Yankees possess and their ability to generate runs through the long ball.

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20 thoughts on “Lengthy IL stint likely for Aaron Judge, Bader is close to return, Yankees reach 100 HRs

  1. Anyone suing dodgers for negligent care of home field? Judge fully expected wall to be solid and yet it buckled, leaving his foot to scrape up against the cement. Time for Boone to speak up.

  2. Yankees need to get rid of Boone…cant stand him as manager and everyone involved with strength and conditioning, training and medical in this franchise

    How can a franchise as great as this and one that makes so much money have so many injuries every year.

    1. So true he is a terrible manager and her never disciplines his lazy players Torres us starting to bet robinson cano boone and donaldson and Stanton stink

      1. Boone is only doing what the front office will let him do. Remember what Cashman said s few weeks ago about that left ni doubt that Boone is only a puppet.

        1. The Yankees have so much talent on the roster and in the minors for backup. The injuries are simply bad luck. However, the major mistake is not giving enoufh consistency to a player to feel his place on the team is secured. This is the catalyst and connection that brings the best out of a player. Shuffling cards is horrible for a teams unified effort. Even JD and DJ and IKF and Trevino have not that security.

  3. How about putting the best players out there you have a guy like domiques in the miners hitting the hell out of the ball and then you you have Cabrera in the line up hitting below 200

  4. As soon as possible when Bader and or Judge return, Volpe has got to be benched. Put IKF at ss, he hits and plays bettter than Volpe. Volpe weak link. Also Stanton needs to play outfield and not DH. Thank goodness for Bauer and Mckinley. What does everyone see in Volpe, he has had long enough to prove himself. Praying that Anthony Rizzo starts to hit. Worse slump of his career and my favorite current Yankee. Been watching my Yankees since kid back in the 1950’s.

  5. Csn Judge DH as a part of his rehab, to get his bat back in the line-up quicker? O agree, that, Boone needs to be replaced. What ab bringing “Donnie Ball”, Mattingly, back or, “The Captain”, Jeter?!

  6. I mean at this point who’s idea is it to leave Judge in the outfield??? Put the friggin guy at first base! And you’re telling me he can’t DH right now? Guys these days are entitled and sissies, in the 90’s guys played with broken limbs. Hockey players play with worse injuries and it’s a contact sport! What are we doing here?

  7. The days of iron horses like Lou Gehrig, Billy Williams, Cal Ripken are gone… players get a hang nail today it’s off to the IL and all a top pitcher has to do is throw a clunker and it’s off to the IL… lol

    1. Judge ran into a concrete wall at full speed. The issue is that while Judge misses games due to a faulty safe place, the Yankees will lose games and not be compensated in any way, plus the Dodgers will suffer no discipline.

  8. Why is there a concrete curb in front of a door anyways. That should be even floor with the field. It is a hazard and should be removed. You could trip or fall going in or out never mind running full speed. Why is the curb or step there in the first place it should be flat . Just idiotic

  9. Boone is absolutely useless as a manager, Cashman has got to go because his analytics are killing the team. Both should have never been rehired. Cole isn’t and never was a great pitcher. Perhaps is success is attributed to the Astros cheating system. Cole is a disgrace when it comes to pitching against the Red Sox.
    The coaches who are responsible for taking care of the players health and conditioning should be fired immediately. Stanton, in my opinion, was never a good trade. It’s possible time and injuries are catching up with Rizzo, LeMahieu and Donaldson.
    Volpe needs a lot more seasoning. Send him down and try Peraza now. Or trade one of them for outfield protection. There’s going to be some good outfielders on the trade market soon. I personally have never been a fan of Torres, he definitely looks like another Cano. Pitching needs an overhaul.
    One quick word about Hal, NOT George. Sell the team NOW.
    I realize this sounds grim but I have been a Yankees fan for over 60 years and think the team can be turned around in a few short years with the proper people running it. You’ll see my name below, yes a cousin of Joe Torre, who was let go for no good reason. Thanks for allowing me to vent.

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