Out-of-the-box thinking: Yankees star turns to external analytics

New York Yankees’ Aaron Judge (99) hits a home run during the sixth inning of a baseball game against the Los Angeles Dodgers in Los Angeles, Saturday, June 3, 2023.

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In a surprising twist for the New York Yankees, one of their standout players is rumored to be engaging an external analytics team due to perceived shortcomings within the organization. As this revelation unfolds, it prompts the question of whether others should follow suit, shaking up the traditional approach to the game.

Yankees’ star seeks outside analytics amid frustration

Yankees star Aaron Judge

This shift in approach began when Aaron Judge sought guidance from a personal hitting coach outside of the Yankees’ established coaching staff. This move marks a departure from the traditional path of adhering to the guidance of Dillon Lawson and his coaching crew, raising eyebrows and igniting a broader discussion about the role of external experts in player development.

Another notable example is Anthony Volpe, who struggled for an extended period before undergoing a transformation that involved discussions with Austin Wells, some chicken parm indulgence, and a fresh approach to his game. The results were evident as he enjoyed a successful summer, leaving many to ponder the merits of looking beyond the organization for improvement.

The latest twist in this story involves an anonymous Yankee player who has grown frustrated with the team’s analytics department and prefers to consult with outside experts. Speculations about the identity of this player are rampant, keeping fans and analysts alike on their toes.

In a recent column by Jon Heyman, addressing Brian Cashman, Hal Steinbrenner, and the organization’s efforts to address their “disastrous” 82-80 roster, the need for changes in how the Yankees approach analytics and interpret statistical data was emphasized. Heyman’s column raised questions about the organization’s reliance on data and whether they use the correct metrics. It also alluded to at least one Yankees star seeking additional opinions outside the team’s traditional framework.

Heyman’s article hints strongly at Aaron Judge as the Yankees’ player in question, as the frustration with the Yankees’ analytical methods aligns with Judge’s recent public statements. However, this situation brings an intriguing question to the forefront – why would a player with such concerns commit to a long-term contract with the Yankees? Does the allure of the pinstripes outweigh the reservations about the organization’s underlying processes, which are perceived as outdated?

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It’s a puzzle to reconcile one’s devotion to the Yankees with questioning the very methods they employ. Judge was vocal at the end of the 2023 season, expressing his belief that the team’s application of analytics and advice had been subpar in recent years. He highlighted the importance of examining the right metrics and potentially changing their approach to player development.

Regardless of the identity of the star player in question, it is evident that the Yankees’ analytics team should be more open to constructive criticism, as emphasized by Steinbrenner. In an era where data-driven decisions and advanced metrics play a significant role in baseball, the Yankees must find a way to ensure that they keep up with the times while retaining their traditional essence. The journey to success might just involve a blend of old-school values and new-age analytics, setting the stage for the Yankees’ resurgence in the seasons to come.

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One thought on “Out-of-the-box thinking: Yankees star turns to external analytics

  1. It’s one thing to be INFORMED by analytics. That goes all the way back to Earl Weaver and his computer-generated index cards.
    On the other hand, the Yankees are DRIVEN by analytics. Driven into a ditch astride the road. Perhaps off a cliff.
    That entire department needs to be ditched; Boy George then can put that savings toward reducing prices to view this $#!+ show.

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