Oswaldo Cabrera shares the nostalgic tale associated with his grandma-tooth necklace

Oswaldo Cabrera is with his mother and seen wearing his grandma-tooth necklace on June 13, 2023, at Citi Field.

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On Wednesday, PinstripesNation broke the news of Oswaldo Cabrera wearing a necklace with his grandmother’s tooth on it. During Tuesday night’s 7-6 Subway Series win over the Mets, the Yankees utilityman attracted significant attention by wearing his grandmother’s tooth on a chain around his neck.

Oswaldo Cabrera provided more detailed information about the origins and significance of his unique necklace. He clarified the situation during an interview with the YES Network on Wednesday before Game 2 of the Subway Series, stating that there is a significant meaning behind it. And that it is linked to a beautiful tale of personal affiliation.

Mom gave it to Oswaldo Cabrera

The Yankees player shared that his mother, who hails from an indigenous family in Venezuela, holds certain beliefs and values regarding spiritual matters. According to Oswaldo Cabrera, his mother bestowed the necklace upon him as a symbol of good luck and encouraged him to embrace its beauty. He expressed his strong dedication to his mother, stating that he carries out his actions with her in mind.

Oswaldo Cabrera told that his mother paid a visit to him in New York approximately two weeks ago and observed that he was encountering difficulties.

“My mom came from an indigenous family from Venezuela,” Cabrera said. “She has her things, about these spiritual things…She gave it to me as a good luck charm. She said ‘Use this, this is so beautiful.’ And I do everything for my mom.”

Despite the victory achieved on Tuesday, Oswaldo Cabrera’s performance at the plate was subpar, as he went 0-for-1 in his sole at-bat after entering the game as a defensive replacement in right field. As a result, his batting average for the season dropped to.195, and his OPS declined to.548.

Oswaldo Cabrera initially believed that his poor performance during his at-bat was the reason he was going viral after the game. His relief came when he discovered that the viral attention was solely focused on the accessory he cherishes and wears close to his heart.

Oswaldo Cabrera of the Yankees wears the tooth of his grandma at the Yankees vs. Mets game on June 13, 2023, at Citi Field.

The Yankees utility player stated that he was aware of the immense joy it brought to his mother. Oswaldo Cabrera mentioned that after the first game, which marked two weeks of him wearing the accessory, he contacted his mother, and she was on the verge of tears. He further added that he believed his grandmother was filled with happiness up there.

“I know that it made my mom so happy,” Oswaldo Cabrera said. “The first game –– I’ve been using this for two weeks –– after the first game, I called my mom and she was almost crying.”

“And I know my grandma is so happy up there,” he added.

According to Oswaldo Cabrera, having a piece of his grandmother with him while playing at the highest level is something he finds incredibly special.

Oswaldo Cabrera mentioned how much his grandmother loved him and how he was one of her special grandchildren. He reflected on the affectionate treatment he received from her and described the visits to her house as moments filled with a unique and profound love.

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  1. Keep on using it ….. I also loved my grandmother and I wish you the very best ….. Good luck on your journey with yanks …. Go go yanks …

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