NL Executive indicates Yankees primed for major signing move

New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman gestures while speaking during a news conference before a baseball game against the Washington Nationals Wednesday, Aug. 23, 2023, in New York.

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Despite the Yankees’ ongoing struggles to enhance their roster, recent insights suggest they are poised to make a significant move. In conversation with’s Bob Klapisch, a National League executive hinted at the Yankees’ impending action.

“I don’t know if those are the exact moves,” the exec said. “But I think both of those clubs have money to spend and need to do something to make a splash.”

Understanding Yankees’ strategic plan

Speculation abounds regarding the Yankees’ potential signing of Cody Bellinger. While ace Blake Snell received an offer solely from the Yankees, sources indicate that New York has shifted its focus, paving the way for Snell to join the San Francisco Giants. According to the executive, both the Yankees and the Giants are financially capable and motivated to make a substantial impact, although the precise details of their maneuvers remain uncertain.

As spring training approaches, the Yankees appear primed for another acquisition, according to insider reports. An unnamed National League executive hinted at General Manager Brian Cashman’s strategic plan, suggesting that the Yankees have yet another move in store.

Can Cody Bellinger reshape Yankees’ roster?

Among the speculated targets, Cody Bellinger emerges as a prominent candidate for the Yankees. His potential addition raises questions about roster dynamics and positional adjustments. Bellinger’s versatility could see him slotting into center field, potentially displacing Aaron Judge to a corner position, or assuming duties at first base in the future, especially if the Yankees opt not to retain Anthony Rizzo beyond 2025. However, the influx of talent, including additions like Alex Verdugo and Juan Soto, poses logistical challenges, particularly with the impending return of outfielder Jasson Domínguez from injury.

Beyond positional considerations, Bellinger’s contractual demands present a significant hurdle. While his statistics reflect an impressive performance, underlying metrics indicate room for improvement, particularly in batted-ball data. Questions surrounding Bellinger’s market value and contract duration, compounded by his agent Scott Boras’ involvement, contribute to his prolonged free agency status.

In summary, the Yankees’ pursuit of Cody Bellinger underscores their commitment to bolstering the roster ahead of the upcoming season. However, uncertainties persist regarding the feasibility of integrating Bellinger into the team’s structure and addressing contractual complexities. As the offseason progresses, all eyes remain on the Bronx, anticipating the Yankees’ next strategic move.

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11 thoughts on “NL Executive indicates Yankees primed for major signing move

  1. what we need to do is get Matt Chapman and Snell. get them both on one to 2 year deal. But all this talk about Judge and Soto hitting home runs. if you don’t have pitching them home runs mean nothing. so that means other year of lying. all in mean all in .not a patch job and think you’re going to win the world series with a patch job.

      1. What now Cashman about to trade the farm for pitching. Everyone we have trade for the last 7 years is not on the team. But the other teams have our prospects. An you look at the last World Series team we had just about everyone is Hall of Famer accept A-Rod. An look at money we had tied up. From 08 to 09 we had like over 300 million tied up with that team

  2. if they going to get Bellinger why would you waste all them prospects if you to get Bellinger. I’m happy we got Soto all I’m saying is if you going to do all that you should’ve got more then just one pitcher.

  3. An getting Bellinger don’t help our pitching. we need another starting pitcher and and not in trade we have 5 to 6 of our pitcher with the Paders . what the paders going to become the new Yankees. if them players where position players they would need 3 more players to have a starting line up.

  4. Chapman or Urshela needed plus one more pitcher. if they get one of those guys, could trade Torres to Miami for one of their young controllable starters.

  5. The Yankees do need another Starting Pitching (maybe two) simply because of the of how injury prone players are in todays game. The same goes for all positions. Bellinger is a much better (proven) player than Trent Grisham. Is money the issue? Well it hasn’t been in the recent past. Bellinger has his issues but his up side is much higher than Grisham. Would you rather have Grisham as an everyday player (due ti injuries) over Bellinger? Yes the price tag is higher, so do you want the 28th Championship or not. It’s most likely gonna take a 100 + win season. Just sayin, Yankee outfielders are hurt a lot.

  6. If we could get Snell on a 2-year deal at $25MM, as Jeff Blank suggested, that would be great, but there’s almost ZERO chance that Snell & Scott Boras are going to go for that.

    They both know Snell is a Drastically Up & DOWN pitcher: Great one year, then medicare, then hurt, then mediocre again. So, Snell wants to cash-in Now, not in 3 years. The absolute most he MIGHT agree to is a 1-year deal for something like $40MM, and ONLY if he can’t find a long-term deal to his liking.

    I agree with Brendon Toner about bringing back Urshela to split time at 3rd, but not Chapman because he wants to many $$, for the reasons mentioned below.

    All this talk about signing Super Expensive players like Bellinger, Chapman & Snell needs to STOP because if we sign any of those guys, there’s ZERO CHANCE Hal will be willing to sign SOTO next year.

    Now, who do you guys want 3-8 years down the road (or more):

    * Soto or Bellinger, who STUNK for 2+ years before he came back SOME last year; keeping in mind his peripherals were NOT great last year or the prior 3 years.

    * Soto or Snell, who’s a 5 & 1-3 innings pitcher who KILLS your bullpen every outing, forcing them to pitch 2 & 2-3 innings every outing, if not more. Over 30 starts — which Snell almost NEVER does — that would mean about 79 INNINGS out of the bullpen to cover ONE “starter,” which is Ridiculous!

    Keep in mind, Snell has started more than 25 games 3 times in 8 years. Even if you throw-out the shortened 2020 Covid season, Snell has AVERAGED 134 Innings Pitched Per Year.

    Over the Same 7 Years, Garrett Cole has AVERAGED 218 Innings Pitched Per Year, and you want to give him Cole-type $$ for 84 LESS Innings a year!!!

    Snell & Bellinger are hard NOs, except on 1 year deals, which likely won’t happen, unless both their markets tank badly. Save the money for SOTO.

    Remember, the Yankees are already Over the Cohen Tax, so another $40+ MM for Soto next year is going to be out of the question for Hal if they signed Snell, Bellinger or even Chapman to lengthy deals.

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