Insider reveals Yankees’ shift in focus to avoid signing Blake Snell

Reports indicate the Yankees gave up on signing Blake Snell.

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This Tuesday began with a prominent revelation after numerous sources reported the Yankees were interested in signing Blake Snell. However, Bob Klapisch of dropped a bombshell, stating that the Yankees had already shifted their focus to another player.

Yankees have ‘moved on’

The New York Yankees seem to have shifted their focus away from Blake Snell, setting their sights on a potentially better alternative. Amidst talks of baseball’s offseason maneuvers, the Milwaukee Brewers’ Corbin Burnes emerges as a prime candidate for the Yankees’ consideration in 2024.

The anticipation surrounding Blake Snell’s possible union with the Yankees was palpable, especially during the Baseball Writers annual banquet in Manhattan. With Snell and Gerrit Cole seated side by side, fans envisioned the Cy Young Award winners donning the iconic Pinstripes, igniting a new era in Tampa.

Yet, as the saying goes, timing proves crucial. Had the banquet occurred earlier, perhaps negotiations between Gerrit Cole and Snell could have swayed differently. However, discussions had already fizzled out by the time the festivities unfolded. Despite the Yankees’ offer of $25 million per year for six years, Blake Snell’s desired $30 million for nine years created an irreconcilable gap.

Reports indicate that the Yankees have moved on from pursuing Snell, a sentiment echoed by one insider who mentioned, “(Hal) Steinbrenner has moved on (from Snell).”

While Gerrit Cole, sharing the same agent as Blake Snell, may have been privy to these developments, his playful banter at the banquet added to the intrigue surrounding the situation. Reflecting on past instances where high expectations weren’t met, such as with Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge, the Yankees still pursue the missing piece for their rotation in 2024.

Although Marcus Stroman’s acquisition offers potential support for Cole, Blake Snell’s hefty demands have steered the Yankees towards exploring Plan B: Corbin Burnes of the Brewers. With a portion of the budget earmarked for Snell now available, Burnes emerges as a viable target.

Burnes, a free agent after the upcoming season, presents an intriguing prospect. The Yankees could potentially engage the Brewers in trade discussions, leveraging their surplus from the Stroman deal. Burnes’ track record as a three-time All-Star and 2021 NL Cy Young Award winner adds allure to the proposition.

While Blake Snell boasts impressive credentials, his inconsistent performance between Cy Young wins and injury history raise concerns. The Yankees remain cautious, especially after recent disappointments like the Carlos Rodon signing.

Burnes stands out as a compelling choice as the Yankees ponder their pitching options. With luck, financial prudence, and impeccable timing, the Yankees might secure the cornerstone they seek, whether it’s in 2024 or beyond.

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