MLB radio host urges Yankees to sack Brian Cashman to rebuild the team

In the pursuit of philanthropy, Brian Cashman dedicated a sleepless night on a New York City sidewalk in 2015.
Sara Molnick
Monday May 1, 2023

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MLB radio host Sal Licata has demanded that the Yankees should hold Brian Cashman responsible for the mess the team finds itself in. The Yankees offense is currently in shambles, and while some may point to injuries, Sal Licata is pointing to the man responsible for constructing a lineup that now has so many IL risks.

With that in mind, and despite recently signing a new four-year deal, Sal Licata says it’s time to move on from Brian Cashman, even if the general manager would be highly coveted by another front office.

Sal Licata voiced his perspective on the potential departure of Brian Cashman from the Yankees, stating that he believes Cashman wouldn’t have difficulty finding another job in the baseball industry. He expressed the need for a different vision within the organization, highlighting a sense of repetition and stagnation in recent years.

Why Sal Licata is angry on Brian Cashman

The Yankees have been plagued with injury troubles this season, with 12 players in the IL currently. Manager Aaron Boone has drawn more than his share of flak, but Sal Licata wanted people to focus on the man in the Bronx Bombers organization — Brian Cashman — responsible for team building.

While the radio host acknowledged Brian Cashman’s contribution and importance to the Yankees, he did not make any attempts to hide his displeasure at the current job he was doing:

“‘If the Yankees move on from Brian Cashman, he wouldn’t have any problem finding a job elsewhere,’” Sal said. “Great! Let him find another job elsewhere. It may be time for a different vision.

Brian Cashman chose not to add any major offensive pieces over the offseason, resigning Aaron Judge and then spending big on starter Carlos Rodon (who is also injured) rather than bolstering an offense that got exposed as painfully thin down the stretch of last season. There’s still plenty of time for the Yankees to get healthy, but that looks like an awfully questionable decision right now, especially if Judge is forced to miss extended time.

Examining the current lineup, Sal Licata questioned Brian Cashman’s choices, including the acquisition of Donaldson and the decision to make Isiah Kiner-Falefa the starting shortstop last season. Sal viewed these moves as serious misjudgments, along with the presence of underperforming players like Aaron Hicks and the consistent injury concerns with Luis Severino and Carlos Rodon, both signed by Brian Cashman. Sal Licata asserted that these issues reflect a problem with the team’s construction.

“I do think Brian Cashman is a great baseball mind and a very good general manager. However, it’s not working here. It’s the same thing year after year. Look at this lineup ….Who brought in Josh Donaldson? Who thought IKF was worthy of being the starting shortstop last season? Those are fireable offenses.”

Sal Licata pointed out that the team’s ongoing injury issues, although impactful, are not new occurrences. He cited examples such as Giancarlo Stanton’s consistent lower body injuries since 2019 and Josh Donaldson’s struggles last season as evidence that Cashman placed trust in players who had previously underperformed. Sal emphasized that injuries cannot be used as an excuse for Brian Cashman’s decisions.

Aaron Boone and Brian Cashman during a training season.

Sal absolves Boone

“Who brought the players in here? Everyone always wants to rip Aaron Boone. This isn’t Aaron Boone’s fault…who put this team together? It would be their fault.”

While he conceded that the Yankees, captained by Aaron Judge this season, were nowhere near being called a “bad” team, Brian Cashman, with the Pinstripers’ resources at his disposal, has to do better.

The Yankees’ absences aren’t helping their cause, but those absences aren’t anything new. Giancarlo Stanton, out six weeks with a hamstring strain, has battled lower body injuries since 2019, while an aging Josh Donaldson struggled badly last season. Brian Cashman put trust in players that had previously burned him with their performances on the field, and Sal says injuries can’t be used as an excuse for Cashman.

“Look at this lineup,” Sal said. “Who brought in Josh Donaldson? Who thought IKF was worthy of being the starting shortstop last season? those are fireable offenses. Aaron Hicks is still on this team, and he still sucks. Luis Severino is always hurt. They sign Rodon, who is always hurt. Giancarlo Stanton, they made that trade, always hurt. This is an issue.”

Sal rejected the notion of blaming manager Aaron Boone for the team’s shortcomings, emphasizing that the responsibility lies with the person who assembled the roster. Sal underlined the fact that the Yankees, despite not being a bad team, have fallen short of expectations in recent years, necessitating a higher standard of success.

Brian Cashman is taking over the general manager from Bob Watson in 1998.
New York Daily News

Sal acknowledged the Yankees’ sustained success in consistently winning 90-plus games and making the playoffs, something that other teams would covet. However, he emphasized that the team’s recent performance has not been up to par, calling for a reevaluation of the approach and decisions made by the organization

“The Yankees aren’t a bad team. In a bad year, they win 90-plus games and make the playoffs. anybody would trade places for that sustained success. However, what they’ve done here in the past few years isn’t good enough.”

Brian Cashman brings injured players

The New York Yankees’ acquisition of Frankie Montas in a midseason trade last year has proven to be a disastrous move. It was revealed that Montas, prior to the trade, had admitted to not being fully healthy, which directly contradicted the claims made by Yankees general manager Brian Cashman that Montas was in good health when he joined the team.

This harsh reality is something that Brian Cashman is acutely aware of as the Yankees gear up for the upcoming 2023 Major League Baseball season.

“You can’t sugarcoat it — the Montas trade didn’t work out,” Brian Cashman recently told the New York Post’s Ian O’Connor. “We didn’t get a healthy pitcher, and that’s ultimately my responsibility.”

During last season’s MLB trade deadline, the New York Yankees acquired Frankie Montas and Lou Trivino from the Oakland Athletics in exchange for Ken Waldichuk, JP Sears, Luis Medina, and Cooper Bowman. The intention behind the deal was to bolster the Yankees’ starting rotation for the rest of the season and the 2023 campaign, especially with Montas becoming a free agent at the end of the season. However, things did not unfold as planned for the Bronx Bombers.

Brian Cashman

Montas only made eight starts for the Yankees in 2022, recording a disappointing 1-3 record with a 6.35 ERA. In the postseason, he pitched just one inning and gave up a home run to Jeremy Peña in Game 1 of the American League Championship Series, which the Houston Astros swept on their way to winning the World Series.

Adding to the Yankees’ woes, Montas recently underwent arthroscopic shoulder surgery, which could potentially keep him sidelined for the majority, if not all, of the 2023 season. This raises concerns about whether the Yankees traded for an injured player, as Montas admitted earlier this month that he wasn’t at full health during the blockbuster trade.

While there is a slight possibility that Montas could make a comeback later this season and make a positive impact, it seems unlikely. General Manager Brian Cashman has come to terms with the fact that the trade with Oakland last season turned out to be a major disappointment and a missed opportunity for the Yankees.

Aaron Hicks hasn’t had a good full-year season since 2018, but general manager Brian Cashman extended full support to him in the offseason. This season he holds the worst record for the Yankees.

When Mike Francesa wanted Brian Cashman to go

WFAN radio host Mike Francesa took a strong stance against the Yankees team management following their 4-0 loss to the Astros in the ALCS. He expressed the belief that the Yankees require significant changes both on the field and in the front office, starting with General Manager Brian Cashman.

Francesa acknowledged the caveat that Hal Steinbrenner, unlike his father George, may not be willing to take the necessary actions to prioritize winning. However, he asserted that advocating for the end of Cashman’s tenure as general manager was not simply hitting the panic button or reacting emotionally to the heart-breaking loss against their rival Astros, whom the Yankees harbor strong feelings of resentment toward and perceive as having cheated them, prompting a public desire for revenge.

Mike Francesa then said:

“I don’t think the Yankees are going in the right direction. I think that sometimes, even when guys have done a good job, it’s time to change things. Cashman is what I’m talking about. I’ve always known Cashman. He has had a great career and has been there for a long time. He has a lot to be proud of and, as Bill Parcells used to say, a lot of pelts.”

“But at some point, you need a new voice and a different direction. The best thing they could do right now is to move on because this team needs a lot of changes.”

Yankees fans too want Brian Cashman’s head

Yankees general manager Brian Cashman is seen with manager Aaron Boone at a training session and the duo is to finalize the Yankees shortstop choice.

Brian Cashman’s tenure with the Yankees dates back to 1986 when he first joined the organization. Over the years, he steadily progressed through the ranks and eventually assumed the role of general manager. assumed the role of general manager.

However, despite his long-standing association with the team, Brian Cashman has faced constant criticism from fans. The recent outcry has intensified with calls for his job emerging just 23 games into the season, suggesting underlying concerns beneath the surface. One incident that triggered a significant backlash on Twitter was the decision to designate Estevan Florial for assignment, a once highly-regarded prospect who now appears to have lost his trade value.

With a 15-14 record this season, the Yankees currently occupy the fourth position in the highly competitive AL East Division. The team’s struggles have fueled frustrations among Yankee Nation, with a particularly disheartening 15-2 defeat at the hands of the Texas Rangers on Sunday. This loss marked their seventh defeat in the last ten games, leaving the fanbase increasingly discontented.

Critics argue that Brian Cashman’s management approach has allowed the team to become older and slower, contributing to their current struggles on the field. The Yankees’ performance, just one game above .500, has prompted a surge of frustration among fans, reaching a boiling point.

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5 thoughts on “MLB radio host urges Yankees to sack Brian Cashman to rebuild the team

  1. Hal will do nothing. As long as he is making money, the win/loss ratio is of little significance to him!!!

  2. I totally agree with Sal L. I have been saying this for twenty years.
    Same old same old every year. Steinbrenner needs to get rid of Cashman and sell the team to people who care about winning a championship. Somebody who cares about the fans too. A few nights of an empty stadium might get the message across. I also feel bad for those excellent players who will never see a world series ring on their finger with NY unless something changes.

  3. The thing fans need to understand is: the big, long, stupid FA deals are always ordered by the owner. The GM’s job in those instances is merely to negotiate the terms & make sure they get done. So we can blame Cashman all we want here. But Hal is just as much to blame for Stanton, Donaldson etc., just like George was just as much to blame for Kevin Brown, Carl Pavano, Kei Igawa etc. That being said, for Cashman to admit to a Post reporter that he hadn’t done his due diligence on Montas is proof that he’s past his expiration date, at least here with the Yankees.

    1. They got Montas instead of Luis Castillo who I was begging them to go after. He really is overrated. I have played baseball since I was 4 years old and I know so much it is not funny and can call pitches and results before they happen. I clearly missed my calling, and as a result watching this is even more painful because I call his failures before they happen. And he keeps repeating the same failures never going after better hitters that strike out less and never getting a shutdown ace. Gerrit is great until he plays a great team but he easily beat us when he was with Houston because Yankees hitters can’t hit any great pitchers, plus Gerrit cheats and probably got away with a lot more in 2017.

  4. Cashman sucks at the draft and free agency. He has built this team on sluggers that can’t hit for average with a lack of any shutdown ace. He continues the same failed approach year after year, I swear he has naked pitchers of Hal. With the resources at his disposal he should have been fired in 2005. Any CEO with that much capital would have been gone after a couple years of failure but this ahole has been destroying the team for 2 decades. I told them not to sign Judge because the team sucks and he will miss 60 games a year. Gee, I hate being right. Now they still suck and on the hook for 360 mil and the last 5 years he will need a walker. Name a Yankees draftee that turned out good that he drafted. He sucks so bad it is mind blowing this incompetent hack is still there. He could of had Verlander in 17 but no, let the Astros get him and beat us again. Why not grab Bellinger on on 1 year low risk contract and although he is a slugger his a powerful lefty OF and we have played Willie Calhoun, Greg Allen, Oswaldo Cabrera, Kiner-Falefa, and Jake Bauers. I think Bellinger was worth a one year risk and the Cubs beat him to it. Cashman has so little to do with any of their championships and the 2009 was so purchased it is not funny. I can’t even watch this team anymore because they suck and have no heart.

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