Michael Kay’s biggest U-turn on Brian Cashman

Yankees GM Brian Cashman and Yankees voice Michael Kay

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A fortnight ago, Michael Kay made a U-turn on Aaron Boone and called out Brian Cashman for the Yankees’s struggles. However, in a remarkable shift, he made one of the most significant turnarounds in his history as a Yankees commentator. During the latest development, Kay absolved Cashman of any blame and squarely placed the responsibility on the support staff, a viewpoint that sharply contrasts with the sentiments of the fans.

Recently, Michael Kay, the Yankees’ voice for decades, shared his perspective on the #FireCashman movement. He blamed the support staff for adversely affecting the Yankees‘ performance while giving a clean chit to the front office. Kay substantiated his argument by highlighting Brian Cashman’s favorable track record.

“”I don’t think you for fire Brian (Cashman), there’s too much of a track record of good… Get yourself another support staff” Michael Kay. It’s official. The Shills got handed the talking point to go after Fishman. Amazing… it’s never going to end,” he was quoted saying.

Cashman is the Yankees’ greatest survivor

Having held the position of Yankees General Manager since 1998, Brian Cashman has solidified his status as one of the most accomplished executives in MLB history. His track record boasts six AL Pennants, four World Series victories, and a dozen divisional titles. Despite his impressive achievements, he has not been immune to criticism from passionate fans in New York.

With a current win-loss record of 60-66, the Yankees find themselves at the bottom of the AL East standings. Furthermore, they are now a considerable 10.5 games behind the third and final Wild Card spot. As the prospects of reaching the postseason become increasingly unlikely, Brian Cashman is again facing scrutiny.

The Yankees had entered the 2023 season with high hopes of contending for a World Series title. However, they chose not to make significant moves at the trade deadline, despite glaring weaknesses and deficiencies that have hindered their performance, keeping them around the .500 mark. The team has been lacking a true left fielder since 2021 and has resorted to playing players out of their natural positions since 2020. This challenge lies more in the realm of personnel decisions rather than managerial strategy.


A combination of inaction during the trade deadline, coupled with a string of unfortunate injuries and unproductive slumps, has turned the 2023 Yankees season into a disappointment. The chant “Fire Cashman” has become a familiar refrain at Yankees games held in the Bronx.

However, dismissing Brian Cashman isn’t a straightforward option for Yankees fans. The 56-year-old executive had a close relationship with the late former owner George Steinbrenner, who also served as his mentor. With Steinbrenner’s son Hal now at the helm, the continuity of his father’s inner circle is likely to be maintained.

Despite these factors, the frustration among Yankee fans remains palpable. One fan took to Twitter to express their dissatisfaction, alleging that assistant GM Mike Fishman is being made a scapegoat, and the media is amplifying this narrative.

In recent days, a report surfaced indicating that there are no plans for Hal Steinbrenner to part ways with general manager Brian Cashman before the 2024 season. Instead, the focus could shift towards manager Aaron Boone, who might find himself in a precarious position. However, there is an expected change in the Yankees organization in the offing.

Michael Kay was different a fortnight ago

Michael Kay and Peter Rosenberg with Don La Greca.

The frustration among New York Yankees supporters is palpable due to the team’s underwhelming performance this season. From the owner’s suite to the general manager’s office, and even down to the manager’s position occupied by Aaron Boone, everyone has been subjected to criticism. Around two weeks ago, Yankees play-by-play announcer Michael Kay took a stand by advocating for the exclusion of one individual from the list of those being held accountable, specifically pointing to Brian Cashman and shifting the blame away from Boone.

During his radio show then, Michael Kay expressed his viewpoint that Boone shouldn’t be targeted as the root cause of the team’s problems. Instead, he emphasized that the team’s challenges are rooted more in its overall construction and the series of injuries that have plagued the squad throughout a significant portion of the season.

Michael Kay staunchly defended Aaron Boone, attributing the team’s issues to the way the roster had been constructed—a pointed critique aimed at Brian Cashman. This perspective resonated with many fans who shared similar sentiments. The team’s lineup lacks sufficient left-handed hitters for balance, a void exists in left field, and the overall roster depth is insufficient. The supporting cast surrounding Aaron Judge is notably lacking, failing to provide adequate support.


However, there was a noticeable shift in Michael Kay’s stance during an episode of “The Michael Kay Show.” Initially, he appeared to be defending the decisions made by the front office. He cited instances such as DJ LeMahieu’s injury impacting the previous season’s playoffs, the absence of players like Andrew Benintendi and Matt Carpenter, and Anthony Rizzo’s unexpected concussion in the current season. When accused of offering “excuses,” his response was fervent.

Michael Kay also pointed out how the Yankees’ strategy seemed like a combination of hasty decisions stemming from budget constraints and an unwillingness to take calculated risks in the free-agent market or through trades. This approach has also hindered the development of younger talent and prospects over time.

However, in his most recent show, Michael Kay appeared to have made a complete reversal in his viewpoint.

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  1. Michael Kay needs to make up his mind. Is it Cashman, Boone, their idiots in analytics who got the Yankees in this mess? Can’t keep changing your tone.

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