Yankees bracing for organizational overhaul, the buck stops at Steinbrenner

New York Yankees manager Brian Cashman is at Yankee Stadium during a practice session on August 22, 2023.
Jeremiah Dobbs
Wednesday August 23, 2023

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The Yankees’ owners are prepared to carefully assess where the organization is headed as the team struggles through the final stretch of their most disastrous season in over 30 years. Dan Martin of the New York Post has reported that they are open to a thorough evaluation of the entire organization at the end of the season and some jobs might be at risk.

Earlier in the season, reports suggested that the owner, Hal Steinbrenner, considered general manager Brian Cashman’s job secure for next year. However, since then, the Yankees’ performance has been very disappointing, so that perspective might have shifted. The jobs that could be at risk are possibly more related to the coaching staff, including the manager, Aaron Boone.

According to Martin, two people in the front office who might be considered for possible changes are Brian Sabean and Omar Minaya. Both of them were hired during the offseason. Fans might not be very pleased with these names, as a lot of them believe the team’s problems started several years ago, not just in the recent offseason when Sabean and Minaya were brought in.

Radio hosts question the Yankees’ transformation

This news didn’t make WFAN’s BT feel any better. He finds it hard to believe that the solution to such a bad season would involve examining the roles of two people who had very little to do with building the team for 2023.

Yankees fans are protesting with FIRE CASHMAN signs during the 2023 season.

BT revealed his disbelief about the situation, stating that would seem utterly ridiculous to expect this scenario and see no other actions. He mentioned that, according to the report, the Yankees are considering making changes involving individuals who joined the team just nine months ago and had no significant role in the season’s failures. Meanwhile, he noted that others who are directly accountable for the team’s struggles might be retained. BT concluded by saying that this is a contributing factor to the problems the Yankees are facing.

Sal doesn’t feel as emotionally connected, but he was similarly unimpressed by the organization’s reported plan. The radio host commented that letting go of those individuals wouldn’t lead to any significant improvements. He mentioned that they were not responsible for the problems of the Yankees.

The buck stops at Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner

David Lennon of NEWSDAY exhorted Hal Steinbrenner to assess the issues within the Yankees organization and investigate the factors behind the Yankees’ first (expected) losing season in 31 years. Steinbrenner holds the responsibility as the current leader of the team, and, so far, he’s met his main obligation as the owner of the Yankees for this season. Despite not always being a visible presence in the Bronx, Steinbrenner plays an active role in the team’s daily operations. It’s now time for him to step up, particularly in terms of the front office.

During the past offseason, Steinbrenner made significant moves by spending $537.5 million on free agents, which was more than any other team in baseball. He also approved a payroll of $294 million, showcasing his commitment to strengthening the team. While he might not always be as publicly involved as some other owners, he has a considerable influence on the Yankees’ day-to-day workings. Although General Manager Brian Cashman signed a four-year deal in the offseason, he will likely remain in his current position due to his strong relationship and trust with Steinbrenner. Nevertheless, the rest of the organization should be open to evaluation and potential changes.

According to Lennon, Steinbrenner can’t take the same approach as Mets owner Steve Cohen, who was willing to absorb big contracts for promising prospects. The Yankees have substantial financial commitments tied up in players like right fielder Giancarlo Stanton, who is owed another $108 million through 2027, and second baseman DJ LeMahieu, who is owed $45 million through 2026. Therefore, Steinbrenner needs to explore other avenues to address the current challenges within the organization.

Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner with GM Brian Cashman at spring training center in Tampa in 2023.
Kim Klement/USA Today Sports

Hal’s functioning presents the opposite to his father George Steinbrenner. Fans could also easily lament the apparent lack of urgency present throughout the Yankees organization at the moment, spanning from the highest ranks down to the lowest. Both General Manager Brian Cashman and Manager Aaron Boone need to recognize that even though their owner is notably lenient, they must approach the final stages of this season with unwavering vigor. Cashman’s position is more complex due to his extensive tenure and deep involvement in shaping the Yankees’ operations. Replacing the GM would signify a complete reconstruction of the organization from the ground up.

Although Yankee Stadium was brimming with fans for all three games against the Red Sox over the weekend, Yankees fans are visibly upset with the trio consisting of Steinbrenner, Cashman, and Boone, whom they view as the primary culprits behind a season that has gone awry.

CBSSN’s Adam Schein believes Aaron Boone should have been let go in 2020. He also raised the question about Brian Cashman’s continued employment and expressed doubt about Hal Steinbrenner’s involvement. Schein noted that during the Yankees-Red Sox series, fans were leaving the games early, signifying that, in his view, the New York Yankees’ season has reached a point of conclusion. He went on to describe the team as unlikable, unwatchable, and a source of disgrace.

Jeff Passan of ESPN has noted that there’s significant pressure on individuals within the Yankees organization, including manager Aaron Boone and GM Brian Cashman, due to the team’s ongoing eight-game losing streak. Passan mentioned that even Hal Steinbrenner, the Yankees’ Managing General Partner, has concerns. While not as impulsive as his father George was, Hal Steinbrenner still oversees a team with the second-highest payroll in baseball this year. He emphasized that finishing in last place and having a subpar win-loss record is not acceptable for a team representing New York and it provides a fertile ground for comprehensive change.

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3 thoughts on “Yankees bracing for organizational overhaul, the buck stops at Steinbrenner

  1. To : Hal Steinbrenner , U need to Fire the 3 Blind Mice !!!. Levine , Cashman and Boone . If U don’t…your gonna lose a lot of $$$. Hardcore Yankee Fans are PISSED !!!! . ITS TIME TO CLEAN HOUSE HAL !!!.
    ENOUGH SAID !!!.

  2. It is hard to believe that Steinbrenner doesn’t consider Cashman Public Enemy #1. Who hired Boone? Who retained him? Who signed Stanton, Hicks, Dj to long term contracts? Who changed the hitting philosophy of entire organization? Who is in charge of a farm system that has produced almost nothing in 15 yrs?
    This whole fiasco starts and ends with one man. CASHMAN! To not even start there shows that Hal is delusional or just plain dumb. Remember Hal had been kept far away from team by his gather and was 4th choice to run Yanks.

  3. Fire cash man and boone!!! Boone is just to dang soft and always makes excuses for his players. Am tired of all of his excuses! We need a manager with some grit! As long as those two remain, the Yankees will not amount to anything!

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