Michael Kay slams July 4 standoff act as one that ‘cheapened’ Yankees


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Yankees voice Michael Kay is angry over the July 4 national anthem standoff at Yankee Stadium. On his radio show, the sportscaster labeled the behavior as “sophomoric” and “childish,” asserting that it was inappropriate for the Yankees organization.

A lighthearted moment unfolded at Yankee Stadium on Thursday as players from the New York Yankees and Cincinnati Reds engaged in an impromptu national anthem standoff before their series finale. The informal competition, a baseball tradition where players from opposing teams try to remain on the field the longest after the anthem ends, saw two Yankees and two Reds players participating.

However, the friendly contest was cut short when manager Aaron Boone intervened, instructing his players to return to the dugout. This effectively handed the victory to the Reds players, who celebrated the win with visible delight.

The standoff, while seemingly harmless fun, drew criticism from Kay.

“What are we, infants? This is the New York Yankees…” he said. “They don’t play games like that. That’s silly, that’s stupid, it’s childish, it’s infantile.”

However, he praised Boone for putting an end to the standoff, emphasizing that such antics were not in line with the professionalism expected from the team.

Kay’s remarks underscored the tension between maintaining team morale during challenging times and upholding the standards of professionalism associated with the Yankees franchise.

A Umpire speaks with a pair of Yankees pitchers Cody Poteet and Ian Hamilton 4 An umpire speaks with Yankees pitchers Cody Poteet and Ian Hamilton.

Kay harshly criticized the team’s involvement in a national anthem standoff with the Cincinnati Reds, arguing that such behavior was beneath the team’s dignity, especially amid their recent struggles. Kay contended that these antics were more appropriate for less prestigious teams or youth leagues, underscoring that the Yankees should uphold a higher standard of conduct.

“Let other ridiculous teams do that,” the veteran broadcaster told. “Why would they do that? It’s dumb. . . . It makes the Yankees look small. They’re doing a stareoff like they’re in Williamsport? Like it’s the Little League World Series? The New York Yankees, you’re wearing pinstripes, baby. You don’t do stuff like that. And you’ve been losing and playing poorly, and this is what you resort to? Come on, guys, you’re better than that.”

New York Mets announcer Howie Rose also voiced his disapproval on social media, calling the standoff juvenile and embarrassing.

Kay even used the Yiddish term “nudniks” to describe the players involved, implying they were acting foolishly.

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One thought on “Michael Kay slams July 4 standoff act as one that ‘cheapened’ Yankees

  1. At first, I didn’t know what the heck was going on and then I realized the stupid standoff game…. I personally didn’t like it and just thought it was wasting time when they should’ve been on the field already playing!

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