Marcus Stroman ready for ‘the s–t we dream’ after deleting 2020 Yankees tweet

Marcus Stroman joined the New York Yankees on January 11, 2024.

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Marcus Stroman is poised to exchange his former team’s colors for the iconic pinstripes of the New York Yankees. Fresh from inking a lucrative two-year, $37 million deal with the Yankees, the 32-year-old right-hander took to Instagram on Tuesday to express his eagerness for this exciting new chapter.

Gone are the days of Twitter spats and perceived grievances. Marcus Stroman now speaks of donning the “iconic pinstripes” with a profound sense of honor and a commitment to “compete at the highest level” for the loyal Yankee fans. He attributes his assertive and confident style of baseball to the influence of growing up in the spirited atmosphere of New York.

Marcus Stroman makes 180, fired up to pitch for Yankees

This renewed enthusiasm might surprise some observers. In 2019, following his trade from the Blue Jays to the Mets, Marcus Stroman and the Yankees weren’t on the best of terms. GM Brian Cashman publicly downplayed his impact, labeling him a “non-difference-maker,” prompting Marcus Stroman to respond on Twitter by questioning the Yankees’ pitching staff and predicting their continued postseason shortcomings.

“Besides Cole, there’s no current Yankee pitcher who will be anywhere in my league over the next 5-7 years. Their pitching always folds in the end,” he then wrote in a since-deleted post.

“That lineup and payroll should be winning World Series left and right…yet they’re in a drought. Lol.”

However, time appears to have healed those wounds. Marcus Stroman’s Tuesday post concluded with an expression of pure joy about the vibrant atmosphere of Yankee Stadium. He conveyed the excitement of pitching before passionate fans, describing it as a childhood dream fulfilled and sending shivers down his spine. The two-time All-Star even tagged the Yankees in his message, symbolically extending an olive branch after past tensions.


“Can’t wait to put on THE PINSTRIPES and feel the energy in Yankee Stadium,” Marcus Stroman wrote. “Honored to put on the uniform. Very very honored. Will compete to the highest degree for you all. The authentic confidence and swagger I play with is a direct result to growing up in New York culture.”

“Truly can’t wait to feel the buzz and vibe of the crowd on start day,” Marcus Stroman added. “That’s the s–t we dream about as kids. I get chills thinking of these dreams turn to reality! @yankees.”

The Yankees signed Marcus Stroman on January 11, 2024, for two years.

Fresh off a commendable season with the Chicago Cubs (3.73 ERA, 1.202 WHIP), Marcus Stroman brings valuable experience and skill to the Bronx. In a separate post, he expressed sincere gratitude to his former team, emphasizing his love for pitching at Wrigley Field and the chance to compete for a storied franchise.


Whether all past grievances are genuinely put to rest remains uncertain. Nevertheless, one thing is evident: Marcus Stroman is prepared to turn the page and fully embrace the passionate pinstripe nation. Can he play a pivotal role in ending the Yankees’ World Series drought? Only time will reveal the answer, but his newfound enthusiasm is undoubtedly a positive sign.

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