Aaron Judge cheers on Bucs, revisits his football love

Aaron Judge both as a football player for his school and a baseball star for the Yankees.
Michael Bennington
Wednesday January 17, 2024

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Fresh off securing a long-term contract with the New York Yankees, power hitter Aaron Judge once again showcased his support for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Instead of the free-agent uncertainty that marked his previous appearances, Aaron Judge, joined by teammate Gleyber Torres, confidently wore his usual orange Bucs jersey. Whether captured in the stands or enjoying a suite with friends early in the game, Aaron Judge’s allegiance to the Buccaneers was evident.

Aaron Judge is a staunch fan

Aaron Judge’s affinity for the team extends beyond casual fandom. A frequent attendee at Raymond James Stadium, he has established connections with Buccaneers players. Notably, he previously sported a Mike Evans jersey and engaged in a friendly chat with then-quarterback Tom Brady, who playfully discussed Judge’s potential as a tight end.

The bond between Aaron Judge and the Buccaneers goes deeper due to the proximity of the Yankees‘ spring training complex to the Buccaneers’ home stadium. This geographical closeness makes the Buccaneers a convenient and cherished rooting interest for Yankees players during the off-season.

Although Aaron Judge’s presence didn’t sway the game in favor of the Eagles (as the Bucs took an early lead), his steadfast support for the Tampa Bay team remains evident. While firmly committed to the Yankees on the field, Judge’s loyalty to the Buccaneers off the field continues to shine through.

A football career before playing baseball

Aaron Judge garnered interest from leading football programs as a tight end but opted for baseball, attending Fresno State before being selected in the first round by the Yankees. Buxton, versatile on his high school football team as a quarterback, wide receiver, and defensive back, will have a significant presence on the field for the AL team.

During his high school years, Giancarlo Stanton played alongside or against several future NFL players and received an offer from Pete Carroll at USC. Standing at 6 feet 5 inches and weighing 210 pounds, Stanton played as a wide receiver and cornerback. Although he was initially in that role, it’s plausible that he might have transitioned to a pass rusher or tight end if he hadn’t signed with the Marlins straight out of high school.

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