Mets’ Luis Severino calls Yankees ‘family,’ says ‘having bread’ only difference

Mets pitcher Luis Severino meets his former Yankees teammates at Citi Field on June 25, 2024.
Inna Zeyger
Thursday June 27, 2024

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Ex-Yankees pitcher and current Mets player Luis Severino still considers his former team as his family. Now after a revival in the Queens, he doesn’t see any difference between the Yankees and their cross-town rivals the Mets except for ‘having beard,’ a reference to stringent facial hair policies in the Bronx.

The pitcher now has a beard.

During the latest Subway Series at Citi Field, where he didn’t get a chance to pitch to the Yankees, Luis Severino discussed his transition to a Mets player. He noted the most important adjustment was to get to know new teammates after being part of the Yankees organization from age 18 to 29. The pitcher cited a more relaxed atmosphere in Queens compared to the Bronx, attributing it to lower expectations for the Mets this season and less pressure to win a World Series.

“This is definitely just a little bit more calm,” Luis Severino said. “I don’t know if it’s because nobody was expecting us to win this year, it was a little bit less pressure for us.”

Reflecting on his time with the Yankees, Luis Severino acknowledged the difficulties he faced, including multiple injuries that impacted his performance. Despite showing ace potential early in his career, he struggled notably in 2023, posting a 6.65 ERA over 89.1 innings.

Luis Severino underscored his unwavering dedication to the Yankees during his tenure, emphasizing that his injuries stemmed from playing baseball rather than any off-field issues. He expressed gratitude to the Yankees for the opportunity to establish himself in Major League Baseball and affirmed no lingering animosity toward his former team.

“I gave everything that I have,” Luis Severino said about his career in pinstripes. “I was not looking to get injured. I was just trying to compete. And the thing is, I got hurt playing baseball. I was not out of sight, going on a motorcycle or freakin’ diving out of a helicopter or some shit like that. I was playing baseball, and I gave everything that I got to the Yankees. At the end, there is no hard feelings. I love the Yankees. I love the guys out there, and I’m here because they gave me an opportunity to be somebody.”

His candid remarks provide insight into the contrasts between New York’s baseball franchises and shed light on the challenges athletes encounter when switching teams, particularly within the same city.

Luis Severino loves Yankees family

Luis Severino has settled well into his role with the New York Mets, showcasing a solid performance with a 3.29 ERA across 15 starts in his debut season with the team. The pitcher attributes his success to improved lifestyle choices, including better eating habits and sleep patterns, which he adopted after consulting with a doctor, effectively avoiding the injury setbacks that plagued him in previous seasons.

Former Yankees and current Mets pitcher Luis Severino

Despite his move across town, Luis Severino maintains strong bonds with his former Yankees teammates. He recently provided guidance to Clarke Schmidt, who is recovering from a lat injury similar to one Severino endured last season. Additionally, Severino stays connected with fellow Dominican pitcher Luis Gil, who is having a breakout year, offering support and nurturing their friendship.

Luis Severino emphasized the familial bond he shares with his former Yankees teammates, noting the playful text messages he received from them after his scheduled start was postponed, jokingly asking if he was avoiding facing them on the mound.

“They’re my family,” he said about being in contact with ex-teammates.

Looking ahead, Luis Severino eagerly anticipates the upcoming Subway Series games in July, particularly the opportunity to pitch against the Yankees in the Bronx. His comments highlight the camaraderie among players despite team rivalries, showcasing Luis Severino’s eagerness to compete against his former team in a friendly yet competitive atmosphere.

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