Resolute Luis Severino doing ‘everything’ for a turnaround


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ATLANTA — With another chance waiting for Luis Severino on Tuesday night, the Yankees pitcher determined to make the most of it. Though expectations are not on the higher side considering his most challenging professional phase is up against MLB’s top lineup, Luis Severino still has the ability to throw a surprise at Truist Park.

The right-hander mentioned to The Post on Monday that he was sure that only positive outcomes could arise. He acknowledged his struggles throughout the year and the Braves’ impressive performance. But Luis Severino mentioned that he would adhere to his game plan and accept whatever unfolds while facing a formidable lineup.

“Only good things can happen,” he said “I’ve been really bad this year and they’ve been really good. So only good things can happen, pretty much. They have a very tough lineup. I have to go with my game plan and whatever happens, happens.”

Up until now, Luis Severino has experienced a season of disappointment, a year filled with unfortunate events where everything has gone awry. This has led to demands by the Yankees fanbase to get rid of him.

The Yankees need Luis Severino to bounce back

According to manager Aaron Boone, Luis Severino is scheduled to commence on Tuesday against the team that holds the top spot in MLB for runs scored and showcases a succession of home run threats.

Employing an opener in his previous outing did not bring any solutions to the extensively reported issues of the 29-year-old Luis Severino for the Yankees.

Despite a changed strategy, he still conceded four earned runs over two innings against the struggling White Sox. Luis Severino commented that the experience was rather unusual and unfamiliar to him. He mentioned that efforts were being made to enhance his performance and get him back on track.

All attempts have proven unsuccessful up to this point. As Luis Severino approaches his upcoming performance, he carries a concerning 8.06 ERA and a 1.88 WHIP.

The Yankees‘ record has suffered, with nine losses in his most recent 12 appearances. During this stretch, Luis Severino has surrendered an astonishing 18 earned runs across his last 9 ¹/₃ innings on the mound, accompanied by six walks and a total of 20 hits allowed.

With Nestor Cortes likely sidelined for the season due to a rotator cuff strain, Domingo German’s absence for the rest of the year, following his placement on the restricted list due to alcohol abuse, and Carlos Rodon being on the injured list with a hamstring strain, the Yankees find themselves with limited alternatives.


Luis Severino has been focusing on multiple aspects of his game currently. It includes both attacking the strike zone and delivering accurate pitches. He outlined his objective for the upcoming game, which is to avoid issuing any walks and to execute pitches effectively. The Yankees starter acknowledged that a notable change this year has been his struggle with issuing too many walks.

In his pursuit of escaping the prolonged struggle of this season, Luis Severino has been in touch with numerous individuals, ranging from friends and teammates to recently appointed advisor Andy Pettitte. Among the multitude of advice he has received, the most prominent lesson he’s garnered is the importance of focusing on the future rather than dwelling on the past. Recognizing that he cannot alter the challenges of this trying year so far, Luis Severino is looking ahead.

Luis Severino is determined to disregard the past and not dwell on the statistics. He emphasized the importance of focusing on the current situation ahead of him. The Yankees starter acknowledged the quality of the opposing hitters while expressing his intention to deliver well-executed pitches and strive for an advantageous count, with an uncertain outcome.

He highlighted the positive aspect of his current health status, recognizing that his competitiveness can persist as long as he remains healthy. According to Luis Severino, his path to improvement hinges on his ability to remain competitive.

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