Kyle Higashioka’s humor makes light of a night of horrors for the Yankees

Kyle Higashioka of the New York Yankees is seen with his mom.

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Despite the Yankees’ fading playoff hopes, Kyle Higashioka hasn’t let his sense of humor go off the board. When questioned about his emotions following the Yankees’ recent 5-2 loss to the Rays, the team’s catcher shared his feelings in a lighter mood apparently to cheer up unhappy fans.

When asked about his state of emotions after the Yankees’ latest loss, Kyle Higashioka humorously replied that he didn’t have a ton of emotions, implying he remains unfazed, even if they had someone as talented as Shohei Ohtani on their team.

“I really don’t have a ton of emotions, so…” Kyle Higashioka told making reporters present there to burst into laughter, “this would be my mood, even if we got, like, Ohtani.”

After Kyle Higashioka’s deadpan response, he turned his gaze toward the reporters, keeping a serious expression, which elicited further laughter from the gathered media.

Yankees’ day was far from Kyle Higashioka’s humorous take

Putting jokes aside, the Yankees’ record now stands at 55-52, and they continue to trail the Toronto Blue Jays by 3 1/2 games in the race for the final American League wild-card spot.

To compound their problems, the Red Sox, Mariners, and Angels are all currently ahead of the Yankees in the wild-card race. Once again, the Yankees’ offense faced difficulties, managing only seven hits and scoring two runs in the defeat.

Aaron Judge emphasized that the responsibility lies with the players, stating that they, as a team, have the potential to compete effectively every day. According to him, the desired results have been elusive throughout the season so far, but he remains hopeful, with two months left in the season, that there is still ample time for improvement and hard work ahead. He urged the team to step up collectively in the locker room and continue moving forward.

“Like we’ve been saying all week and the past couple days, it’s on us as players,” he told. “We’re fully capable with the guys we got in this room to go out and compete on a daily basis. The results haven’t come, obviously all year, but we still got two months left in the season and we got a lot of work to do.”

The Yankees have only managed to win one out of their first five games in a crucial 10-game stretch, facing the Baltimore Orioles, Rays, and Houston Astros.

Before the trade deadline, the Yankees made only two minor moves to acquire pitchers Kenyan Middleton and Spencer Howard. Their limited activity in the trade market could be attributed to their ongoing struggles during this crucial stretch, a situation that was evident even before their loss on Tuesday.

According to general manager Brian Cashman, the Yankees started as “opportunistic buyers” and “opportunistic sellers,” but their approach shifted to “cautious buyers” after the team faced difficulties at the beginning of the second half.

Putting emotions aside, if the Yankees’ offense continues to be inactive, they will likely miss out on the MLB playoffs.

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3 thoughts on “Kyle Higashioka’s humor makes light of a night of horrors for the Yankees

  1. I like Higgy, that said I wish we had a better starting catcher in front of him. Yankee fans should stay calm and cancel their Yes app, don’t buy Yankee merch, don’t by tickets 🎫 for the rest of the year and no season tickets 🎟️ for 24′ unless they make excellent choices for the roster in the off season. Hit Hal where it hurts… in the bottom line 👍🏻😎

  2. YOU GOTTA BE KIDDEN ME !!!. Cashman had a chance to get some decent pitching …And U DiD NOTHING !!!. U SUCK CASHMAN !!!. As Far as Arron Boone… U and ur pitching coach stood in the dugout and watched the GASHOUSE GORILLAS POUNCE UR TEAM IN THE FIRST INNING … “STIFFERINO” SUCKS AND LAST NITE WAS A JOKE ALSO .. WTF 😒. The Yankees Empire is slowly FADING. what a major embarrassment and the Managing , Coaching , and Front Office is a..TOTAL DISASTER !!!.
    This Is The Worst I’ve Seen Since Growing Up a Yankee Fan in the 70s. The 3 Blind Mice has Ruined the Yankee Empire !!!. And Shit on their Fans as well !!!. I hope your happy … CASHMAN, LEVINE AND BOONE!!!. U Guys Dnt Know Shit about Baseball !!! It shows that” George Steinbrenner” was the “True Yankee”. !!!. Cashman didn’t do SHIT . Without George … Yankees are No More !!!. I’m not supping the Yankees for the rest of the year. I’m embarrassed to wear my Jerseys this year .Dan Shame !!!. ..Enough Said !!! .

  3. I’m not supporting the Yankees anymore… just
    like Sky Doug said !!!. Not buying anything to support the Yankees .Take ur Expensive seats and SHOVE IT !!!. Now Enough Said !!!.

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