Kiner-Falefa wants Yankees to turn more impressive pages, warns against slacking off

Kiner-Falefa and Anthony Volpe are celebrating after a homer against the A's at Oakland on June 29, 2023.

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Yankees utility star Isiah Kiner-Falefa considers the series win in Oakland a “big boost in momentum” that the team has gained. While talking to the Yes Network, he highlighted the importance of the last two consecutive victories calling his teammates for more impressive plays and cautioned against any show of laxity going forward.

Kiner-Falefa himself performed impressively against the Oakland Athletics last night, showcasing his skills with an incredible home run that contributed to an impressive 10-4 triumph.

The Yankees’ success came from Kiner-Falefa’s bat

Isiah Kiner-Falefa in action against Oakland Athletics.
CBS San Francisco

In the last game against the A’s, Kiner-Falefa led the Yankees offensive showcase with a home run and an RBI. Reflecting on the moment, he expressed his astonishment, never imagining he would have the opportunity to accomplish such a feat.

“I feel like we scratched the run. It was a huge play for me to take up the ball. I didn’t think that I had any chance. I was happy about that. Those are the kind of plays that we need now.”

According to Kiner-Falefa, the key to the Yankees’ impressive performance is allowing each player to fulfill their role on the field. This approach has resulted in improved pace and chemistry among the team members.

Domingo German’s Contribution to Momentum

Kiner-Falefa admired Domingo German for his perfect game and believed that he gave the Yankees “a lot of momentum.” The team attained an offensive power show behind German’s flawless performance to make a superb performance with an 11-0 win over the A’s.

A day after, Kiner-Falefa received a stroke of luck from Domingo German when he hit a home run whilst the Yes Network was interviewing German. 

Anthony Volpe’s turnaround and valuable advice

Isiah Kiner-Falefa ready to play for the New York Yankees.

Kiner-Falefa addressed Anthony Volpe‘s impressive turnaround in batting average, which had dropped below .190. He emphasized that the recent games were crucial for making adjustments. 

Media reports surfaced about Volpe receiving valuable advice from Austin Wells, a promising prospect from Double-A Somerset Patriots, during a casual chicken parm dinner. Taking this advice to heart, Volpe implemented significant changes to his game. The remarkable results propelled him to become one of the most captivating rookies in MLB. Currently boasting a batting average of .208, Volpe’s tremendous progress underscores the profound impact of those adjustments on his performance.

In the current 2023 regular season, Kiner-Falefa’s remarkable performance has seen him hit five home runs, surpassing his tally from the previous year. A turn around for himself is clear and ongoing.

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One thought on “Kiner-Falefa wants Yankees to turn more impressive pages, warns against slacking off

  1. During adversity is when your true character shows and with IKF it is clear he needs to stay s Yankee! Even DJ has to grind it out and he will. When the Playoffs get here, this team will perform. You can’t buy Heart! This group has Heart! Go Yankees!

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