Personal tragedy fails to deter Domingo German from scripting baseball history

Domingo German gets Yankees belt after he pitched a perfect game against the A's on June 28, 2023, at Oakland.

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Yankees starter Domingo German achieved something remarkable in baseball despite feeling deeply saddened by a personal tragedy and withering professional stress. The pitcher for the New York Yankees accomplished a rare feat by throwing a perfect game, the fourth in the team’s history and the 24th in the entire history of Major League Baseball. This exceptional achievement took place during the Yankees’ impressive 11-0 victory over the Oakland Athletics at Oakland Coliseum on Wednesday night.

Domingo German joined a select group of Yankees pitchers, including  Don LarsenDavid Cone, and David Wells, who have achieved the same remarkable accomplishment. Despite the immense sorrow of his uncle’s passing, the Yankees starter revealed that he accomplished this feat while grieving his uncle’s death.

During an on-field interview with Meredith Marakovits from the YES Network, Domingo German was asked about the key factors that enabled him to achieve perfection. Marakovits inquired about what qualities in his pitching arsenal allowed him to prevent any hits or walks, all while throwing just 99 pitches.

Domingo German shared through an interpreter that he had experienced a personal loss two days prior, with the passing of his uncle. He mentioned that he had shed tears in the clubhouse on the previous day. According to him, throughout the entire game, Domingo carried his uncle’s memory with him, constantly thinking about him. Remarkably, it was during this game that his thoughts of his uncle seemed to have a significant impact, resulting in a remarkable achievement.

In addition, he remarked that the game served as a tribute to his late uncle. At the age of 30, Domingo struck out nine batters in what was the first perfect game in Major League Baseball since Felix Hernandez accomplished the feat in 2012.

According to Domingo German, his late uncle would have experienced great happiness upon witnessing his achievement. He described his uncle as a person who consistently brought joy to their family. German further remarked that it was fitting that his uncle could watch this momentous event unfold from above.

Domingo German’s performance throughout this season has not always been marked by favorable outcomes. However, in the game discussed, he managed to lower his earned run average (ERA) to 4.54 and also enhanced his win-loss record to 5-5.

Yankees starter Domingo German pitched a perfect game against the A's on June 28, 2023, at Oakland.
New York Yankees

Domingo German also suffered professional up and down

On Wednesday night, as Domingo German made his way onto the field at Oakland Coliseum, he raised his hands above his head and applauded a small group of fans who cheered for him along the right-field line. However, this display of appreciation was not without difficulty, considering that the Yankees starter had faced criticism and even received boos from the crowd during his previous start as a starting pitcher for the Yankees.

Domingo German has faced a lot of trouble in his career. Recently, he received a 10-game suspension in May for using too much rosin on his hand during a game against the Blue Jays. A few years back, he served an 81-game suspension for a domestic violence incident. His performance statistics have been inconsistent, sometimes showing great skill but also having some poor outings.

In his last game, Domingo German had his worst performance ever, giving up a record-high 10 runs. However, in his next game, he had an incredible performance by retiring all 27 Athletics batters in a row. This shows that baseball can be unpredictable and surprising at times.

Domingo German had an impressive game where he struck out nine batters. He completed the game with only 99 pitches, showcasing his excellent control. Throughout the entire game, he made it look easy by causing the batters to make weak contact with the ball, hardly breaking a sweat as he efficiently handled Oakland’s lineup.

Ahead of the game on Wednesday, Yankees manager Aaron Boone was questioned about the necessary steps for Domingo German to regain his form and overcome his recent struggles in two consecutive starts. In response, the skipper provided a straightforward remedy or solution.

Boone emphasized the importance of execution, stating that Domingo German strength lies in his ability to command three pitches and have a good feel for them. Boone noted that if Germán manages to find his command and get his curveball working effectively, he will be able to overcome his struggles and perform well.

Aginst the A’s, the Yankees starter had a smooth game, throwing a total of 99 pitches. Domingo German faced Oakland’s struggling lineup and dominated, leading his team to an 11-0 victory. Along the way, he managed to strike out nine batters.

Yankees starter Domingo German pitched a perfect game against the A's on June 28, 2023, at Oakland.
New York Yankees

German in pinstripes

Throughout his entire Major League Baseball (MLB) career, Domingo German has been a member of the New York Yankees. Initially signed as an international free agent by the Florida Marlins in 2009, he was later traded to the Yankees in 2014. Subsequently, he made his MLB debut in 2017 while playing for the Yankees.

In January, before the 2023 season, Domingo German secured a contract with the New York team. The agreement was for one year and valued at $2.6 million. It is worth noting that he will be eligible for arbitration next year.

Following a satisfactory beginning to the 2023 MLB season, the pitcher for the New York Yankees faced a challenging period leading up to Wednesday. In his previous appearances against the Red Sox and the Mariners, he endured two difficult outings where he struggled to perform effectively. In both games, Domingo German was removed from the mound before completing three innings, as he had already allowed a significant number of runs.

Even though the right-handed pitcher received boos from the crowd during his previous start when he allowed 10 runs against the Seattle Mariners, he made an impressive comeback and achieved a remarkable feat by delivering a flawless performance. As a result of his triumph on Wednesday, Domingo German’s overall record for the season improved to 5-5, highlighting the diverse range of outcomes he has experienced throughout this year.

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3 thoughts on “Personal tragedy fails to deter Domingo German from scripting baseball history

  1. I’m happy for German and the Yankees. Seeing a perfect game is a rare feat. Seeing your favorite team do it in person,( David Wells 5/17/1998) was even more thrilling. Hopefully German can use this game to build on the consistency that has befuddled him, the Yankees and its fans.

  2. I thought that it was a great game. Now I’m wondering what tragic situation the other three pitchers had to endure to get into the zone and do something incredible like this. If that’s the kind of motivation that it takes. I have great expectations for German from now on because now we know that he has extra guidance from up above. This reminds me when he debuted for the Yankees. I was there. He played against Clevenger with the now called Guardians. I remember leaving that I was leaving because we were losing bu, some how the team came through. Ever since then I took interest in him. I like him because he’s human. Just like the test of us ,he makes mistakes. Thank God, he’s a Yankee.

  3. I don’t think this counts as the 24th perfect game “in the entire history of Major League Baseball” because the Oakland A’s do not constitute a “major league team.” The A’s owner, John Fisher, has intentionally assembled a roster filled with Double-A and Triple-A players who only make the MLB minimum salary. He’s done this in hopes of losing as many games as possible., and it’s working.

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