Aaron Judge bows to ‘Home-Run King’ Barry Bonds, refuses the title


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Aaron Judge, the current Major League home-run leader, is on his way to creating a new record homer haul this season. Despite all the aura building around him, the slugger considers him way away from the Giants’ legend Barry Bonds. 

Judge, who has 57 homers to date with 20 games to go and is expected to hit 65, considers Bonds the “home run king.”

San Francisco star Bonds is the all-time leader in home runs in a single season. He amassed 73 home runs in  2001. 

Despite his achievements and home runs in an era of hard-to-hit baseball, where he is chasing a 61-year-old AL record, Judge places him lower than Bonds.

According to Judge, the Giants’ player was a legend and his record is something every MLB player looks at with pride and inspiration.

As Judge is well on his way to clobbering more than 60 home runs this season, he has the opportunity to etch his name into the annals of Major League Baseball history. At this point, the 30-year-old man has 57 home runs, which places him four short of the record set by Roger Maris in 1961.

However, even though Aaron will be making history himself, he still believes that Bond’s 73 home runs in a season are the record for the most ever hit in a single season.

Bonds hit 73 home runs in 2001, which was three more than Mark McGwire hit in 1998. Bonds was 36 years old at the time. Bonds finished his career with 762 homes, which is the most in the home-run history of Major League Baseball. This solidified his position as the best slugger who has ever played the game.

In comparison, Barry Bonds hit 142 home runs in his first six full years in the Show while Aaron Judge, who is 30 years old, has already amassed 215 career home runs in that period.

Aaron is the favorite to become AL MVP this season. As his contract end with the season, he is without a doubt the best free agent available this offseason. The player has been giving opposing pitchers a lot of trouble this season, so it makes sense that Athletics manager Mark Kotsay compares him to Bonds.

Since the Giants are a “big threat” to the Yankees in their quest to retain the slugger. Rumors are there that San Francisco is readying a big offer to entice Judge away from the Yankees. Judge, who is from the Bay Area, may find it more inspiring to play for the same team that Bonds played for 22 years.

Can Aaron Judge go past Barry Bonds? Will he ever play for the Giants?

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