Juan Soto trade boosts Yankees’ World Series odds to top 3 overnight

Juan Soto of the New York Yankees
Inna Zeyger
Sunday December 10, 2023

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Juan Soto has joined the Yankees, and oddsmakers are favorably assessing this by promoting the team to a higher pedestal to win the upcoming championship.

In the initial November predictions, the odds for the Yankees to win the 2024 World Series were set at 16/1, ranking them eighth. Following the acquisition of Juan Soto, a standout left-handed batter, the experts in Vegas have significantly increased their optimism about their chances of securing their 28th championship.

Aaron Judge and Juan Soto of the New York Yankees

A surge in Yankees’ chances to win title

On BetMGM Sportsbook, the Yankees’ current odds have improved to +800 (implying an 11.11 percent chance), securing the third-best position across MLB and establishing them as the leading favorites in the American League.

Specifically for the American League pennant, the Yankees are listed at +400 (implying a 20 percent chance), surpassing the odds for both the Houston Astros and the defending champion Texas Rangers, who stand at +500.

2024 World Series odds
Braves +650Braves +650
Dodgers +700Dodgers +700
Astros +850Yankees +800
Rangers +850Astros 10/1
Philles 11/1Rangers 10/1
Rays 15/1Phillies 12/1
Yankees 16/1Blue Jays 14/1
Orioles 16/1Orioles 16/1
Blue Jays 17/1Mariners 18/1
Padres 18/1Rays 20/1
Mariners 20/1Mets 22/1
Twins 20/1Cubs 25/1
Mets 25/1Twins 25/1
Diamondbacks 30/1Diamondbacks 30/1
Red Sox 30/1Red Sox 30/1
World Series opening odds from Nov. 2.

Despite parting with a considerable number of promising young pitchers, the Yankees have secured one of the premier hitters in the game in Juan Soto, at least for the upcoming season. There’s an opportunity to negotiate a long-term contract, something that has eluded Soto since his time with the Nationals. This impactful acquisition has propelled the Yankees into the top three for World Series odds and positioned them as favorites for the American League pennant, surpassing last year’s champion, the Texas Rangers.

As the lineup welcomes Juan Soto, the focus is on the Yankees’ potential to invest in bolstering their pitching staff, as suggested by reports on ESPN and Fangraphs, enabling them to climb ahead of perennial contenders Houston and Texas in the latest World Series odds.

The Yankees now find themselves trailing the Braves (+700 at DraftKings) and the Dodgers (+750 at Caesars) as frontrunners for the World Series title. The addition of Juan Soto to an outfield that boasts Aaron Judge, the recently acquired Alex Verdugo, and the versatile Giancarlo Stanton, along with the potential contributions of recent waiver pickup Oscar Gonzalez, has significantly strengthened the team.

Can the team reclaim the glory?

Despite finishing just above .500 in 2023, this trade underscores the Yankees’ determination to reclaim the AL East crown from the rising Orioles and perennial contender Rays.

New York Yankees captain Aaron Judge is flanked by new signings Alex Verdugo and Juan Soto
4 Train Savages

With Juan Soto now part of their formidable lineup, the Yankees emerge as the leading contenders to clinch the American League pennant and secure a spot in the World Series, boasting +500 odds to win the AL crown according to FanDuel.

The dynamic of these odds remains subject to change, contingent on the team’s further moves in the offseason, particularly in acquiring quality pitching.

The pursuit of highly sought-after free agent pitcher Yoshinobu Yamamoto is closely monitored, and a successful bid for Yamamoto could propel the Yankees into the status of undisputed World Series favorites by the conclusion of December.

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