Juan Soto and Yankees’ Roessler share a bond that transcends MLB teams

Juan Soto, player of the new york yankees
Amanda Paula
Friday April 12, 2024

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Juan Soto has been doing an incredible job so far donning the New York Yankees’ shirt. But with his contract situation surrounded by too much uncertainty, there are many talks about whether he will stay in Yankees or might leave. However, as stated by The Athletic, at least for now, Soto feels more at home than ever, and this is due to the hard work behind the scenes to bring his personal hitting coach, Pat Roessler, on board.

Juan Soto and Peter Roessler’s journey

Juan Soto, player of the new york yankees and  the hitting coach  Pat Roessler.
The Athletic

Juan Soto has been putting up an incredible performance so far while wearing the Nationals’ uniform. When Soto first broke into the majors in 2018, he was one of the youngest players ever to suit up for the Washington Nationals. At that time, Nationals hitting coach Kevin Long played a key role in helping the young Soto develop into one of the game’s premier young hitters and budding superstars. 

“Kevin Long was so good to me that when he left, it was tough to get another guy,” Soto said in the New York Yankees’ clubhouse.

However, the relationship wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows, as Long ended up parting ways with the Nationals in 2021 to join the rival Philadelphia Phillies.

Prior to this event, Roessler had been the Nationals’ assistant hitting coach. It was around that time in 2021 that Juan Soto started working closely with his personal hitting coach, Pat Roessler. And as it has been reported, Juan Soto now feels more comfortable than ever, thanks to the behind-the-scenes efforts to bring Roessler on board to work with him.

Behind the scenes with the Yankees’ effort to bring the Pat Roessler

The close relationship between Juan Soto and hitting coach Pat Roessler has been years in the making. Soto has repeatedly credited Roessler for his “big-time” help, and the two seem to have developed a strong bond over time.

Roessler’s connection to Juan Soto dates back to 2020, when he joined the Washington Nationals’ coaching staff as an assistant hitting coach. He remained in that role even after the departure of head hitting coach Kevin Long in 2021. Soto said the pair grew especially close after Long left, with Roessler helping him “learn how to focus on being myself.”

That rapport has only grown stronger. Roessler, a 64-year-old baseball lifer whose coaching career dates back to 1983, has a reputation as an “old-school” type who keeps things simple. Soto appreciates that approach, saying Roessler “doesn’t really focus too much on the big things” and instead “focuses on the little things.”

The coach’s ability to connect with Soto has not gone unnoticed by the slugger’s new team, the New York Yankees. The Yankees’ pursuit of hitting coach Pat Roessler began to take form during the Winter. As the team looked to hire James Rowson as their new primary hitting coach, Rowson reached out to the veteran Roessler about the possibility of joining him on the Yankees’ staff. 

Thus, when the Yankees were looking to hire a new hitting coach in the offseason, they reached out to Roessler about joining their staff. While he ultimately declined that opportunity, the Yankees did manage to bring Roessler on board as part of Soto’s acquisition in a blockbuster December trade.

Yankees manager Aaron Boone and general manager Brian Cashman kept Juan Soto informed throughout the process, knowing how important Roessler’s presence would be. And Soto was “pumped” to have his trusted coach join him in pinstripes.

What’s the impact of Roessler thus far?

Roessler’s impact goes beyond his technical expertise. Juan Soto already described him as a “grinder” and “grandfather-like” figure who “always comes up with stories” and “tries to make you smile.” That nurturing, calming presence seems to have been especially valuable during Juan Soto’s difficult 2022 season, when he struggled at the plate and was the subject of persistent trade rumors.

Juan Soto sizzles in the Bronx


Just a few months after being traded to the New York Yankees in a blockbuster offseason deal, Juan Soto is wasting no time making his presence felt in the Bronx.

The 24-year-old superstar is off to a torrid start, posting numbers that have not only powered the Yankees to their best start in two decades, but have also thrust Soto himself into the early MVP conversation.

According to Yankees beat writer Max Goodman, Soto’s advanced metrics through the first month have been nothing short of historic. Goodman reports that Soto’s batting run value sits at an astounding 99 – well above the league average – indicating he has been creating runs at an elite level.

Soto’s baserunning run value of 37 is also remarkably strong, showcasing his ability to impact the game on the bases in addition to at the plate. Even his fielding run value of 98 suggests the superstar has been contributing defensively as well.

Indeed, Juan Soto’s traditional stats are just as impressive. In 13 games, he’s slashing a sizzling .360/.462/.548 with 2 home runs, 12 RBIs, and 7 runs scored. He’s also drawn 11 walks, flaunting the elite plate discipline that has become a trademark of his game.

Juan Soto’s hot hitting has translated directly to team success, as the Yankees have racked up an 11-2 record in the games he’s played. In a recent 7-0 win over the Miami Marlins, Soto collected 2 hits, drove in a run, and scored once.

Juan Soto, player of the new york yankees

Juan Soto‘s immediate chemistry with Yankees hitting coach Pat Roessler has also played a key role in his seamless transition to the Bronx. The two have worked closely together, with Roessler helping Soto focus on the “little things” rather than getting bogged down by the larger adjustments.

Roessler’s calming, “old-school” approach seems to have resonated with Juan Soto, who has praised the coach’s ability to keep things simple. Their rapport has only strengthened since Roessler joined the Yankees’ staff as part of Juan Soto’s trade.

Of course, the lingering question is whether Juan Soto will remain in pinstripes long-term. As a potential free agent after the season, the young superstar could command one of the richest contracts in sports history. The financial realities may ultimately outweigh even Roessler’s influence.

But for now, Juan Soto appears right at home in the Bronx, thanks in large part to the support and guidance of his new hitting coach. If he can maintain this torrid pace, the Yankees will be poised for a deep October run – and Soto will cement his status as one of the game’s true elite talents.

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