Padres insider envisions Juan Soto thriving in pinstripes but doubts Grisham

Yankees acquired Juan Soto and Trent Grisham from the Padres on Dec 4, 2023.

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The Yankees’ groundbreaking acquisition of Juan Soto and Trent Grisham has reverberated across Major League Baseball. Juan Soto, hailed as a once-in-a-generation talent, is poised to bring excitement to the heart of the Bronx Bombers’ lineup, while Grisham’s Gold Glove caliber defense is set to fortify the outfield.

Tony Gwynn Jr., drawing on his Padres lineage and eight-year MLB career, provides a distinctive perspective on both players. He asserts that Juan Soto possesses the mental resilience to thrive under the intense spotlight of New York.

“He’s not your typical 23-year-old,” emphasizes Gwynn Jr. “He has the maturity and focus to excel in that pressure-cooker environment.”

Yankees acquired Juan Soto via trade on Dec 5, 2023.
NY Post

Expert predicts pinstriped excellence for Juan Soto

Gwynn Jr. envisions Juan Soto not only taking advantage of the inviting right-field porch at Yankee Stadium but also utilizing the entire field to launch home runs and accumulate RBIs. Supported by statistics, he points out that 13 of Soto’s 35 homers in 2023 found their way to left or left-center, showcasing his remarkable gap-to-gap power.

Having led the Padres in both homers and RBIs (109) while topping the league in walks (132) in the previous season, Juan Soto has undeniably demonstrated his offensive prowess. Gwynn Jr., having observed Juan Soto’s relentless approach firsthand, notes, “He never takes an at-bat off, regardless of the score. He’s one of the few hitters I’ve seen who won’t chase a bad pitch.”

Juan Soto’s impressive second-half performance with a slash line of .286/.399/.568 attests to his ability to adapt and dominate. Gwynn Jr. confidently predicts that Soto will ascend to even greater heights in New York, stating, “When he’s locked in, he’ll send balls screaming to the opposite field. The Big Apple is about to fall in love with his talent.”

A painting presentation celebrating the Yankees' signing of Juan Soto via trade with the Padres.

Grisham’s glove Glitters, but uncertainty over bat remains

While Juan Soto’s presence in the Bronx sparks offensive fireworks, Trent Grisham brings a distinct kind of magic – defensive excellence. Tony Gwynn Jr., adorned with Padres pedigree, readily acknowledges Grisham’s outfield wizardry. However, he suggests that the 27-year-old’s bat is in need of a fresh perspective.


In steps hitting coach James Rowson, the alchemist credited with transforming Aaron Judge from a raw talent to an MVP-caliber slugger. Grisham’s statistical performance paints a contrasting picture. The past two seasons have yielded a combined .191 average, accompanied by 30 home runs. Yet, glimpses from the postseason suggest hidden offensive firepower. Gwynn Jr. reminisces about Grisham’s impressive Wild Card Series against the Mets – going 4-for-8 with two homers – and a notable NLDS performance against the Dodgers (4-for-13, 1 HR).

Currently, a role as a late-inning defensive specialist seems most likely for Grisham. Nevertheless, Gwynn Jr. believes, “Maybe something Rowson says will click. He has the offensive ability. It’s not like he can’t hit. But those long slumps… When he’s on, like in the playoffs, he’s a force. Consistency, that’s the elusive key.”

Does the Big Apple pose a challenge to Grisham’s confidence? Gwynn Jr. hesitates: “New York can be rough, every man for himself. I can’t predict if he’ll thrive under that microscope. It’s fascinating to watch. I won’t say he can’t handle it, but I’ll be glued to the screen. Juan’s situation feels different.”

Grisham’s journey in the Bronx promises drama on both sides of the diamond. His glove, a shimmering shield, is unquestionable. Can Rowson unlock the offensive potential within? Can Grisham weather the storm of New York? Only time will reveal if the new Yankee outfielder finds his rhythm in the heart of the Bronx.

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