Influencer ex unloads on former Yankees outfielder as ‘toxic’ boyfriend

Social media influencer Alix Earle was in a relationship with ex-Yankees player Tyler Wade

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Navigating relationships in the public eye, particularly when one’s partner boasts millions of followers on platforms like TikTok, is no easy feat. Former Yankees utility player Tyler Wade and NFL wide receiver Braxton Berrios are currently experiencing the challenges of this reality, with one facing criticism and the other earning praise for his supportive role.

Alix Earle, a popular TikTok star with over 6 million followers, recently shared insights into her contrasting experiences with ex-Yankees outfielder Wade and Berrios on her “Hot Mess” podcast. While she didn’t explicitly mention names, referring to them as “baseball boy” and “NFL man,” her descriptions left little room for ambiguity.

Tik Tok star slams ex-Yankees player as worst of exes


In her three-month fling with ex-Yankees outfielder Wade in 2022, Earle felt subjected to constant criticism and a lack of support, particularly regarding her social media presence. She characterized their relationship as “toxic,” marked by frequent arguments and an ultimate incompatibility stemming from a lack of understanding and open communication.

On the flip side, Earle spoke glowingly about her current relationship with Berrios, who is now part of the Miami Dolphins. She highlighted his unwavering support, noting that he allows her to edit videos on her phone without judgment or negativity, which the former Yankees player didn’t. Earle underscored the importance of their open communication, commending their ability to discuss and resolve issues without resorting to conflict or arguments.

Former Yankees outfielder Tyler Wade

While Earle’s comments haven’t ignited public animosity toward the former Yankees player, they serve as a reminder that in the era of social media, personal lives can unfold very publicly. For celebrities and their partners, navigating the spotlight and establishing compatible communication dynamics becomes crucial. Berrios, it appears, has mastered this art, earning praise for his supportive role in Earle’s life.

Ultimately, this narrative isn’t about pitting exes against each other but rather about shedding light on the diverse dynamics that can unfold in relationships, especially when one partner is in the public eye. It serves as a reminder of the paramount importance of communication, understanding, and mutual respect in cultivating enduring connections, whether beneath the intense glare of the spotlight or within the comforting glow of privacy. Will the former Yankees outfielder defend himself?

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