Spencer Jones takes another cue from Aaron Judge’s blueprint for success

Yankees prospect Spencer Jones is giving autographs to fans.
John Allen
Monday January 1, 2024

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The Bronx pinstripes appear tailor-made for towering sluggers, and standing at 6’7″, Spencer Jones seems poised to inherit Aaron Judge‘s throne. However, sculpting a future Hall of Famer from raw materials demands skillful hands and a well-established plan. Fortunately, the Yankees possess both.

Spencer Jones’ imposing physique presents a unique challenge. His long limbs contribute to a lengthy swing, a potential feast for opposing pitchers. While his 2023 debut showcased moments of brilliance—a .267 average and 16 home runs—there was a lingering desire for more, especially compared to his dazzling 2022 performance (.963 OPS!).

This is where the “Judge blueprint” comes into play. Richard Schenck, the renowned hitting guru known as “Teacherman,” who unlocked Judge’s hidden power, is now guiding Spencer Jones through the art of hitting. It’s a natural fit. If Teacherman could shape a raw Judge into a formidable slugger, who better to mold the next Yankee colossus?


Spencer Jones boasts many similarities with Aaron Judge

It’s no secret that Spencer Jones possesses raw power beneath the surface. Similar to Judge in his early days, the challenge lies in harnessing and directing that power into consistent contact and mammoth blasts. Teacherman’s meticulous approach, the same one that refined Judge’s swing, could hold the key to unlocking Spencer Jones’ latent potential.

Picture this: Spencer Jones, armed with Schenck’s wisdom and propelled by his own hunger, unleashes thunderous homers that resonate with Judge’s legacy. It’s an enticing vision, one swing at a time.

The Yankees eagerly anticipate the next chapter in its slugging saga, and with Spencer Jones borrowing pages from Judge’s playbook and benefiting from guidance by the very architect of that legend, the stage is set for a truly monumental performance. So, don your pinstripes, grab your hot dog, and prepare to witness the evolution of a titan, one swing at a time.

In Judge’s shadow: A Bronx tale in the making

Yankees' prospect Spencer Jones and Aaron Judge

Spencer Jones, the towering prospect, teased the title of “Yankees’ Most Exciting” throughout 2023. Now, on the cusp of 2024, the murmurs are gaining volume. Envision a future where Judge dominates in the right, he exhibits his lanky grace in the center, and Dominguez (or perhaps vice versa) roams left field. Meanwhile, in the coveted sweet spot, the crown prince of sluggers, Juan Soto, awaits his throne. Stanton’s retirement might usher in a phase where Judge roams more freely, carving his path as the designated hitter.

The linchpin of this Bronx fairytale, however, lies in Spencer Jones’ development. Trimming the fat from his strikeout rate (155 in 480 at-bats last year, ouch) and mastering the art of spraying the ball across the field, emulating Judge’s ferocity, are crucial steps.

Amidst the din of coaching advice, Spencer Jones isn’t lost; he’s found his guiding thread: Judge’s private hitting guru, the mythical “Teacherman.” The same maestro who chiseled Judge into a modern-day Colossus is now ushering Jones through the art of hitting. It’s a celestial match. If Teacherman could unlock Judge’s hidden thunder, who better to unleash Jones’ raw power?

The possibilities are electrifying. Spencer Jones, armed with the hitting maestro’s wisdom and propelled by his ambition, could evolve into a Bronxian behemoth, launching Judge-ian blasts that reverberate through Yankee Stadium. His journey is a story waiting to be scripted, one swing at a time.

Yankees fans, fasten your seat belts. Don your pinstripes, savor your hot dog, and prepare to witness the ascent of a titan. As Spencer Jones hones his swing and learns from the master, a new chapter in Yankee lore is set to unfold—one promising towering home runs, mesmerizing outfield defense, and a future as luminous as the New York skyline. This is Spencer Jones’ spotlight, and it’s poised to shine brightly.

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