How long and hard Aaron Judge can hit a home run?

Aaron Judge is hitting one of his home runs.

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On April 13, 2022, while playing against the Toronto Blue Jays, Aaron Judge hit his first home run of this Major League Baseball season. After almost six months and doing multiple of rounds on the field, the California-born New York Yankees slugger made history against the same club.

On Wednesday night in Toronto, Aaron Judge blasted home run number no. 61 and became the joint single-season record holder with Roger Maris for most homers in both the American League and the Yankees history.

After Aaron Judge hit his 60th home run, he didn’t hit another one for seven games. But in the fifth inning on Wednesday, he broke the tie with a two-run shot to left field off of Blue Jays reliever Tim Mayza.

At Rogers Centre, the ball went 394 feet and landed in the Jays’ bullpen after a couple of fans missed it. So how does Aaron Judge’s historic home run compare to his other homers in 2022 that traveled to different corners of ballparks and recorded having a very high velocity?

What’s Aaron Judge’s hardest 2022 homer?

You won’t believe it, but Judge’s 61st home run was the hardest one he hit all season while with the Yankees. Baseball Savant says it had an exit speed of 117.4 mph, which was faster than the home run he hit against the New York Mets on August 23 (115.9 mph).

Judge’s 61st home run was not, however, the hardest ball he hit in all of 2022. Back on June 23, when he was playing against the Houston Astros, Aaron Judge hit a sharp grounder with a speed of 118.4 mph. The ball traveled right to Jose Altuve after hitting the ground. The ball that the power hitter hit the hardest this season resulted in a groundout.

What’s Aaron Judge’s longest 2022 homer?

Even though Aaron Judge’s 61st home run was the hardest he had ever hit, it was not his longest. On July 22, against the Baltimore Orioles at Camden Yards, the four-time All-Star hit a 465-foot home run to left-center field.

Twenty of Judge’s 61 home runs were hit further than 400 feet, with home run number 61 being one of them. It was his 45th longest home run of the year, and it was his 61st overall.

In 2022, what is the average length of Aaron Judge’s homers?

The average distance of Judge’s home runs is 412 feet, which is tied for fifth-best among players who have hit a minimum of 20 home runs.

What is the overall distance of Aaron Judge’s homers this season?

His 61 home runs have gone a total of about 4,75 miles or 25,132 feet. For some background, the Empire State Building is 1,454 feet tall, and that’s with the antenna and spire. So, the total distance of Aaron Judge’s home runs is about the same as the height of 17 Empire State Buildings.

(Source: NBC Sports)

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