Frankie Lasagna gains celebrity status after missing Judge’s 61st HR ball

Frankie Lasagna after missing to catch Aaron Judge's 61st HR ball

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After Aaron Judge hit the 61st home run of this season on Wednesday, baseball fans across the globe erupted in joy. However, Frankie Lasagna is the only person who is not happy. He missed catching the 61st HR ball by less than two feet and with it, he also missed a massive windfall of up to $2 million.

However, he became an instant media sensation after his most “unlucky” moment and now enjoying his new-found celebrity status.

During the seventh inning of the game against the Toronto Blue Jays, the New York Yankees slugger tied with Roger Maris for the club and American League single-season record for most home runs.

Frankie Lasagna, a supporter of the Toronto Blue Jays, and the other fans around him made an attempt to catch the home run as it flew toward the stands. The ball went to the area just below the last tier of seats.

Before it ricocheted and bounced into the Blue Jays bullpen, Frankie Lasagna, who was wearing a light blue Toronto jersey at the time, came close to catching it. Later, he told:

“Two more feet and I would have had it. I needed a fishing net and I would have got it.”

The 37 years old, who is a folk hero and an eatery owner in Toronto, also disclosed that he planned every step leading up to the game in order to increase his chances of getting the ball. Frankie Lasagna also got a new glove to catch Judge’s 61st HR ball.

The die-hard Blue Jays fan also chose to sit in the first row. He admitted:

“I thought the best chance was in the front row. To my surprise, I was right there.”

After he missed catching the 61st HR ball, Frankie Lasagna also said how upset. According to him:

“You can’t believe it, and you’re just shocked and amazed. I thought, ‘Oh my God, I was so close!’”

In the broadcast that followed the moment, Frankie Lasagna is seen hurling his hat and glove into the air in an angry display of frustration.

The proprietor of a restaurant in Toronto also revealed what he would have done in the event that he had been successful in catching it.

“I would have held on to it for as long as I could [to] negotiate with the Yankees and Judge as payment for the ball. Maybe get Judge to try to come to the restaurant.”

On Thursday, reporters met Frankie Lasagna while he was making pizza in his restaurant.

He had to juggle a lot in between as there were too many interviews following his viral moment at Rogers Center. The eatery owner was relishing his celebrity status following viral video clips, memes, and news on him across all types of media.

Frankie Lasagna told to reporters:

“I have to make pizzas today, which is not a problem, but it’s just a lot more hectic (with) everything that happened last night. It’s the most messages and people texting me and calling me, more (messages) than I’ve ever gotten. More than my wedding day, the birth of my kids. It’s been wild for me.”

Despite a whirlwind day, he found it a new experience in life. His parents Phil and Cathy, who also work in the same restaurant, too were proud of his celeb status. Frankie Lasagna expressed his feeling in the following words:

“It’s been crazy and it’s been wild. But it’s been cool and it’s been fun. I’ve been loving chatting with all the different outlets and people. Hearing them say my name is always cool. I’m sure it puts a smile on my parents’ faces. ”

The ball ended up with the Blue Jays’ pitching coach rather than Lasagna, and after the game, Judge gave the ball to his mother, Patty. The sweet moment occurred in the locker room following their 8-3 victory over the Blue Jays at Rogers Centre.

During the game, Patty was seated in the front row next to Roger Maris Jr., who is the son of the late Roger Maris. Patty was overcome with emotion after her son hit a home run, and she cheered for him as he made his way around the bases.

Is Frankie Lasagna lucky on unlucky? What do say about his new celebrity-like status?

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