Possible next Yankees GM already on deck as Brian Cashman tenure winds down

Brian Cashman, general manager of the New York Yankees
Amanda Paula
Friday May 3, 2024

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Brian Cashman, the manager of the New York Yankees, has never been a unanimous figure among the Yanks’ faithful. This is something that we have reported since last year. However, it seems that his tenure may have reached its end, according to the latest report from SNY.

Who can substitute Brian Cashman in the Yankees?

Brian Cashman, the general manager of the new york yankees

According to Andy Martino, there is no indication that Cashman has made a definitive decision regarding his future beyond his current four-year contract, which he signed in late 2022. However, according to Martino’s report, there are a few names that could be in the Yankees’ plans to take over his position. One of them is the VP and assistant general manager Michael Fishman, or even the pro scouting director Michael Daley. However, the favorite candidate to take the lead, according to Martino, is Kevin Reese.

“But if he were to step away after the ’26 season, or begin a transition process sooner, there is a widespread belief throughout the organization that vice president of player development Kevin Reese is the current frontrunner to succeed Cashman. I heard this from no fewer than five well-placed sources. If a time comes when Cashman decides to retire or kick himself upstairs to an advisory role, he would be comfortable recommending Reese as a logical heir, say people who work closely with the GM.” Said Andy Martino in his column on SNY this past Friday afternoon.

Who is Kevin Reese?

Daniel Reece has emerged as the top contender to succeed Brian Cashman as the Yankees' general manager
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Reese, aged 46, possesses a diverse resume that aligns with the Yankees‘ historical preferences in baseball operations. Having played 12 games for the Yankees between 2005 and 2006 as a former outfielder, Reese transitioned into a role within former assistant GM Billy Eppler’s pro scouting department post-retirement. Eppler and Cashman designed the department to integrate evaluators with a blend of playing experience and an openness to analytics, a philosophy epitomized by former MLB infielder Tim Naehring, now the VP of baseball operations, and often referred to by Cashman as “my Gene Michael.” Reese’s hybrid background, combining pro scouting and player development, reflects a tradition valued by the Yankees.

In his current role, Reese oversees player development from Tampa, a location that underscores his strong rapport with the Steinbrenner family, particularly Hal Steinbrenner’s nephew, Stephen Swindal Jr., and director of baseball operations Matt Ferry. Reese’s prominence in the organization underscores a belief that he is well-prepared for future leadership roles.

Cashman, a fixture with the Yankees since 1986, has earned accolades for his tenure as GM, with rivals often expressing awe at the team’s sustained success under his stewardship. Despite the uncertainties surrounding Cashman’s future, the prevailing sentiment within the Yankees’ circles is that Reese is poised to assume a significant role whenever the transition occurs.

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  1. No thank you. Reece has not shown he is his own man even running the farm system. Nothing much has changed when the switch from Gary Denbo to Reece.

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