Yankees fanbase decries Evan’s Jeter-Altuve analogy

Yankees' Derek Jeter with Astros' Jose Altuve at Yankee Stadium on August 21, 2014.

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WFAN host Evan Roberts earlier stirred up some controversy among Yankee fans when he boldly stated that the Astros were in the process of eclipsing the late 1990s Yankees dynasty. His recent statement might have further fueled their anger and frustration.

Evan made a statement suggesting that Jose Altuve is superior to Derek Jeter, the legendary figure sacrosanct for Yankees fans, indicating that, in his view, Altuve holds a stronger position in comparison to Jeter.

Evan’s Jeter-Altuve comparison

To illustrate his argument, Evan delved into postseason statistics. He directed his statement toward late ’90s Yankee fans and made a comparison between Derek Jeter and Jose Altuve in terms of their postseason performances. He pointed out that Derek Jeter had played 158 postseason games, hitting 20 home runs and accumulating 61 RBI. In contrast, Altuve had participated in 96 postseason games, with 24 home runs and 50 RBI.

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Evan emphasized Altuve’s advantage in terms of runs scored, noting that Altuve had scored 80 runs in his postseason career, while Derek Jeter had scored 47 runs, despite playing 64 more postseason games.

Derek Jeter holds the advantage in what mattered most to him, boasting five World Series rings compared to Altuve’s two (so far). However, Evan is still stirring the pot and provoking passionate responses from Yankee fans, including Morash.

Evan stated that, in his opinion, Jose Altuve has surpassed Derek Jeter in terms of their respective achievements or abilities.

Yankees fans responded back

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One thought on “Yankees fanbase decries Evan’s Jeter-Altuve analogy

  1. He’s wrong about the career Runs Scored in Postseason: Jeter scored 111 postseason runs, not 47. Jeter scored 47 runs in the ALDS only. Get your facts straight before you rant.

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