Higashioka wants Yankees to pass on goodbye spotlight

Yankees traded backstop Kyle Higashioka to San Diego in December, 2023.

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Ex-Yankees catcher Kyle Higashioka has rejected any tribute video by his former team. During his 25-minute appearance on Tuesday’s “Foul Territory,” he demonstrated gratitude for his 15-year tenure with the New York Yankees and expressed humility regarding his impact on fans and the organization. He also shared excitement about the upcoming phase of his career with the San Diego Padres.

Amid various topics, Higashioka was questioned about the possibility of his former organization creating a “thank you” video for him upon his return to Yankee Stadium, although such a regular-season road trip isn’t currently scheduled for 2024.

Yankees traded catcher Kyle Higashioka to San Diego in December, 2023.

Higashioka mentioned that he didn’t believe they would go there this year and speculated that by 2025, they would likely forget about it. Earlier he tweeted an emotional message for Yankees fans.

The Yankees traded Higashioka to Sand Diego

On December 6, Kyle Higashioka, aged 33, became part of a five-for-two trade package, including star outfielder Juan Soto. Having been drafted by the Yankees in 2008, Higashioka’s career progressed steadily, culminating in a career-high 92 games played in 2023. In that season, he posted a .236 batting average with 10 home runs and 34 RBIs (85 OPS+) in 242 at-bats. His anticipated role with the San Diego Padres is likely to be similar, serving as a part-time player behind Luis Campusano.

Kyle Higashioka is greeted with ice bucket after helping Yankees notch up an astonishing win over the Brewers on Sept 10, 2023, at Yankee Stadium.

In a conversation with host Scott Braun and former MLB players Erik Kratz and A.J. Pierzynski, Higashioka was reminded of the tribute video presented to reliever Ryan Brasier in Boston, alongside Mookie Betts. The former Yankees catcher noted that such a tribute typically follows a World Series victory, referencing the context of Brasier’s acknowledgment.

Braun mentioned that the YouTube chat was filled with messages of appreciation for Higashioka, eliciting a chuckle from him as he listened to the compliments.

The ex-Yankees backstop expressed surprise at the significant support he witnessed on social media from the fans. He mentioned being unaware of the extent of his popularity and gratitude for the overwhelming support, stating that he would always value his time in New York. Higashioka found it incredible to receive such tremendous backing from the fans.

Even after Braun highlighted that Aaron Hicks, who has faced frequent injuries and underperformance in his eight seasons, received a thank-you video from the Yankees this year, the deflections persisted. The catcher mentioned that there was no need to celebrate him.

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2 thoughts on “Higashioka wants Yankees to pass on goodbye spotlight

  1. Higgy was always a Class Act in the best traction of a NY Yankee, and he always gave us 100% on the field.

    Higgy worked exceptionally well with the pitchers, called a good game, and supplied excellent defense behind the plate.

    He was as good a #2 or 1B catcher that the Yankees have had in many, many years, and I’ve been a fan for 60+ years, so that’s saying something.

    Thank you, Higgy, I’m sorry to see you go, and I wish you much success in San Diego.

  2. In case Higgy actually reads this article & the responses to it, I’d like to add the following:

    Higgy, I understand you were a little surprised at the outpouring of affection for you from Yankees fans on hearing that you were traded to SD.

    You shouldn’t be surprised, Higgy. Astute Yankees fans recognized that you were prepared Every Single Day to contribute as best you could on a given day. That’s something you rarely see from players who play about 50% of their teams games.

    Regardless of your performance on any given day, Yankee fans knew you were giving 100% on the field, Every Day You Wore the Pinstripes (or wore the road grays, of course ;-).

    We greatly appreciate your class & the dedication you showed us every time you played, Higgy! Thank you!

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