Gleyber Torres’ costly mistake strikes again, sinks Yankees further

Gleyber Torres' throwing error allowed the Tigers to beat the Yankees in Detroit on Aug 31, 2023.
John Allen
Friday September 1, 2023

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The Yankees were in awe of Gleyber Torres following his three-game homer streak that helped them win three consecutive games. But it unceremoniously ended on Thursday in a manner least expected by the team. Above all, it came at the worst moment for the Yankees, who are struggling to evade their worst record in three decades.

Just when the Yankees were least in need of another setback this season to add to their compilation of unfortunate incidents, they experienced a bitter defeat on Thursday afternoon. The Detroit Tigers emerged victorious in a manner that highlighted a poor throw by Gleyber Torres as a contributing factor.

Gleyber Torres’ error proved costly for the Yankees

In the tenth inning, with the score knotted at 3, the situation unfolded in the Tigers’ favor at Comerica Park. Zack Short’s play resulted in a force play involving the pitcher.

Jonathan Loaisiga effectively secured an out at second base. But the subsequent throw executed by Gleyber Torres veered significantly off course at first base. This wayward toss created an opening that allowed Kerry Carpenter to swiftly cross home plate, securing the game-winning run for Detroit.

The Yankees sought to contest the slide by initiating a challenge, but following a thorough review by the umpires, the play was upheld, subsequently sealing the fate of the game.

Robert Sabo

The untimely throw by Gleyber Torres marred what should have been a triumphant afternoon for the Yankees, particularly since Anthony Volpe had launched a three-run home run in the ninth inning to erase the 3-0 disadvantage.

This incident on Thursday wasn’t the sole instance where Gleyber Torres’ errors impacted the Yankees’ performance.

It was the third error by Gleyber Torres

Yankees manager Aaron Boone and second baseman Gleyber Torres

In a defeat against the Cubs just before the All-Star Break, Gleyber Torres mishandled a potential double-play ball, which subsequently enabled Chicago to capitalize with three runs in the seventh inning. There was another instance where a blunder by Torres proved detrimental to the Yankees. This occurred in a 10-inning loss to the Boston Red Sox on June 11.

Friday’s disheartening loss put a halt to a three-game winning streak that the Yankees had achieved by securing victories in the initial trio of games within the series. The Yankees had been aiming to achieve their initial series sweep since their consecutive victories against the Kansas City Royals at the end of July.

With a record of 65-69, the Yankees currently find themselves trailing by a significant margin of 10 and a half games in their pursuit of a Wild Card spot within the American League.

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