The wrong Bronx: Gil’s hell, Yankees’ record loss, and fans in heat dome

Clips from the Yankees vs. Orioles game at Yankee Stadium on June 20, 2024.
Inna Zeyger
Friday June 21, 2024

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On Thursday, the Bronx was not the same that dazzles Yankees fans. Instead, it sizzled them in despair, agony, and heat. Luis Gil‘s impressive rookie season went astray. The Yankees suffered one of their worst losses in franchise history. The fans watch all these while facing scorching temperatures.

The New York Yankees’ impressive streak of 76 consecutive games with starting pitchers lasting at least four innings came to an abrupt halt on Thursday. Starter Luis Gil was removed after just 1.1 innings in a challenging game against the Baltimore Orioles, marking the first such short outing for the Yankees this season.

Gil’s performance was uncharacteristically poor, giving up seven earned runs on eight hits and two walks. Despite the setback, he maintains a respectable season ERA of 2.77, keeping him in the conversation for a potential All-Star selection.

The now-ended streak highlighted the Yankees’ consistent starting pitching and lack of early-season injuries, which have significantly contributed to their league-leading record and helped reduce strain on the bullpen.

This loss would narrow their lead in the American League East to just half a game over Baltimore, with their record potentially dropping to 51-26.

Looking ahead, the Yankees face a tough schedule with the formidable Atlanta Braves visiting Yankee Stadium next. The series opener on Friday night will see Chris Sale take the mound for Atlanta, presenting another significant test for the Yankees.

Sweltering heat adds to Yankees fans’ woes

Bleacher Creatures endured 90-degree weather Thursday to watch their favorite team get cooked.
Stephen Yang for NYP

On a scorching Thursday afternoon at Yankee Stadium, the New York Yankees suffered a blistering 17-5 defeat to the Baltimore Orioles, as fans braved intense heat. The stadium buzzed with the scent of sunscreen and hot dogs, while dedicated Bleacher Creatures endured sweltering conditions.

Alexis Federico, a 37-year-old fan, expressed her unwavering support for the team despite the challenging weather. Her husband Peter, 54, humorously questioned the decision given the lopsided score. The couple, along with their children Lina, 12, and Rocco, 14, were among many using water bottles to cool off under the oppressive “heat dome.”

The game kicked off at 4 p.m., shortly after the day’s peak temperature. According to FOX Weather forecasters, temperatures had reached 90 degrees by 2 p.m., with a heat index of 91 degrees. Despite a slight drop in actual temperature as the game progressed, the “feels like” temperature remained around 90 degrees, offering little relief.

The scorching conditions were evident among red-faced, sweat-soaked spectators, many seeking solace through beer and ice cream. Some resorted to rubbing ice on themselves to combat the heat, with bottled water priced at $5.85.

The stadium, nearly half full with an estimated 20,000 fans, saw notably empty sun-exposed bleachers as many opted to stand in shaded areas rather than sit in direct sunlight.

One fan, Miranda P., was taken aback by the heat, describing it as painful and unexpected.


The extreme weather added another layer of challenge for Yankees fans, who watched their team struggle against the Orioles in the oppressive summer heat.

Yankees and their fans faced sweltering conditions at Yankee Stadium on Thursday as the Baltimore Orioles secured a commanding victory. The Orioles jumped to an early lead, scoring six runs in the second inning. Despite the Yankees’ efforts, they failed to score in the final four innings, culminating in a tough defeat.

Reactions to the heat were mixed among the fans. Ronnie Perez from New Jersey expressed his frustration by the fourth inning, noting that the scorching conditions would have been more tolerable if the Yankees were winning. He planned to seek refuge indoors by the seventh inning.

Conversely, some fans remained upbeat despite the heat. Kieran McElroy Barker, who was celebrating his birthday, came prepared with portable misting fans, underscoring his dedication to enjoying the game regardless of the weather. He admitted to being prone to sunburn but stayed committed to celebrating his special day.

Not all fans were as prepared. Dean Ford from Westchester County arrived without sunscreen and was visibly sunburned, expressing his concern about the relentless heat.

The day’s high temperature hit 90 degrees, with forecasts predicting even hotter weather in the coming days. Friday and Saturday were expected to reach highs of 91 and 90 degrees respectively, with Sunday potentially climbing to 94 degrees and a heat index of 101. These temperatures approached the record high of 96 degrees on June 23, set in 1888.

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