Yankees ace Gerrit Cole offers candid glimpse into smooth rehab, building arm back

Yankees ace Gerrit Cole speaks to YES at Chase Field on April 2, 2024.

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New York Yankees ace Gerrit Cole made a surprise appearance on the YES Network broadcast during Tuesday night’s game in Arizona, offering fans a rare glimpse into his recovery journey from an elbow injury.

Donning a headset and joining the crew from the first base dugout, Gerrit Cole provided an update on the progress of his rehabilitation process. He revealed that while this is the first time in his career landing on the injured list, his recovery has been progressing well. Gerrit Cole expressed optimism about the consistent positive developments he’s been experiencing, suggesting a promising trajectory for his return to the mound.

Gerrit Cole details the approach

Taking a question from Yankees legend David Cone, Gerrit Cole shed light on his unconventional approach to regaining arm strength without actually throwing a baseball at this stage of his recovery.

He detailed his multi-faceted rehab program, which focuses on targeted exercises designed to strengthen vulnerable areas of the arm. Gerrit Cole emphasized the importance of both strength training and dynamic exercises in restoring his arm’s functionality. The Yankees ace also mentioned incorporating single-arm plyometrics into his routine as a foundational step before resuming throwing activities.

Yankees' rotation stars Carlos Rodon, Nestor Cortes, and Gerrit Cole are with Aaron Judge at George M. Steinbrenner Field, Tampa, Fl, during the 2024 spring training.

“We’ve had a lot of good days in a row,” Gerrit Cole said. “Everything’s been going nicely, coming along pretty smoothly. So it’s encouraging for sure.”

“You build it from all the different vulnerable positions,” Cole said. “And you kinda build it up in each position specifically. As you’re at certain positions of your arm path and what not, you train that positions eccentrically and concentrically. And then you train them from a strength perspective, and then a dynamic perspective and then you kind of put it all together with single-arm [plyometrics] and then eventually throwing the baseball.”

This behind-the-scenes look into Gerrit Cole’s recovery process offered fans valuable insights into the work he’s putting in to make a successful return to pitching. His positive outlook and detailed explanation of his rehab program provided reassurance to Yankees fans eagerly awaiting his comeback to the rotation.

Boone hints at Gerrit Cole starting throwing soon

New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone provided a positive update on Gerrit Cole’s recovery during his pre-game press conference on Tuesday before facing the Arizona Diamondbacks.


While an official start date for Gerrit Cole’s throwing program remains undisclosed, Boone indicated that the ace pitcher is nearing that stage, and his overall rehabilitation process is progressing well.

Later during the broadcast, play-by-play commentator Michael Kay asked Gerrit Cole about his experience playing for the Yankees, a team he grew up cheering for. The ace passionately confirmed that wearing the iconic pinstripes and representing his hometown of New York City has truly fulfilled a childhood dream. He spoke of the immense honor and privilege associated with being a part of the Yankees organization, highlighting the team’s legacy and the unique opportunity it presents.

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