Gerrit Cole surprises fans during Yankee Museum visit while rehabbing injury

Gerrit Cole, a New York Yankees player, was spotted with some dedicated young fans at the Yankee Stadium Museum
Amanda Paula
Friday April 26, 2024

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Although Gerrit Cole has been recovering from an injury, he’s still active, doing the New York Yankees’ extra-pitching agenda. And the team released a video as he made a surprise appearance to some fans while they were visiting Yankee Stadium this week.

Gerrit Cole’s surprise appearance delights Yankees fans at Yankee Museum

In the video, some young fans asked him if he was Gerrit Cole, and he said yes. He also took some time to sign autographs and pay attention to the Pinstripers, while also taking a tour as a regular fan. 

On the occasion, Gerrit Cole also revealed that he was at Yankee Stadium for Derek Jeter’s 3,000th hit game in 2011. At that time, he said he hadn’t signed with the Phillies yet, and his friend left him tickets, so he saw it. It’s funny to imagine that in the following months, he would be playing again and showing off his skills as he normally does.

Where is Gerrit Cole going to return to play with the Yankees?

Gerrit Cole, player of the new york yankees

While there’s speculation regarding Gerrit Cole’s return to the field, recent updates suggest that the Yankees won’t be making any changes or announcements over the weekend. This decision comes as they anticipate the absence of one of their key players for their upcoming road trip.

The Yankees have been without their star pitcher, Gerrit Cole, for the entirety of the season thus far. However, there’s been encouraging progress in his recovery. Despite extending his throwing distance to 120 feet, he’s not yet ready for a comeback.

Although Gerrit Cole’s rehabilitation is promising, he won’t be rejoining the team for the impending road trip, as reported by Gary Phillips of New York Daily News Sports.

Gerrit Cole with some Yankees fans at Yankee Museum

If Gerrit Cole continues his current rate of improvement, it wouldn’t be unexpected to see him return to mound practice within the next week and subsequently embark on a minor league assignment. Speculation suggests a potential return in May, provided his recovery remains on track.

During Spring Training, there were concerns that Gerrit Cole could be sidelined for a much longer period. Fortunately, he’s avoided the worst-case scenario and appears poised for a return in the near future.

With one of the best records in baseball already this season, the Yankees anticipate a significant boost once the 2023 American League Cy Young Award winner is back in action.

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