Francesa takes aim at Aaron Judge for his Yankees comments

Aaron Judge is making a defensive display in the Yankees vs. Orioles game at Camden Yards.

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As the media spotlight shone on the dysfunction of the New York Yankees, Aaron Judge bluntly told the team to fix a lot of stuff. As other teammates rallied behind him, the captain even promised to take up the matter with the team’s top brass. However, it didn’t go down well with Mike Francesa, who disapproved his remark and asked the Yankees captain to focus on his play.

“…But the idea you want Judge making the decisions as to who should stay or go, give me a break. … Hey, your job is not to judge players. Your job is just to play and lead,” Francesa proclaimed. “…Do your job to the highest level. You do that — no complaints. Lead. Be there in the big game. That’s your job. Your job is not to cut the roster.”

Francesa tried to put down Aaron Judge

Following the formal elimination of his team from postseason contention, Aaron Judge had ample incentive to craft his response to a query regarding his involvement in the organization’s internal deliberations about its future. He could’ve dodged questions or diverted off the comments on the Yankees problems.

However, the Yankees captain took the courage to call the season a failure. Aaron Judge showed courage to call for substantial improvements to aim for success in 2024 and promised to take up the matter with the Yankees’ top brass. He emphasized that they had a substantial amount of work ahead of them, including making necessary changes and addressing various issues within the team.

“We got a lot to work on, a lot of things to change,” the Yankees’ slugger said. “A lot of stuff going on around here that needs to be fixed.”

In an era when the media’s attention is fixated on the turmoil within the New York Jets’ football operations, Aaron Judge, as the Yankees’ season nears its conclusion, characterized it as a “failure.” During this time, he served as a poignant reminder of what true leadership entails, particularly in the face of adversity. It’s precisely why the organization committed $360 million to him over a span of nine years.

It’s worth noting that Aaron Judge didn’t mention any plans for vacation or leisure. His singular focus was on returning to a different form of work. Nevertheless, there were some dissenting voices perturbed by Aaron Judge’s desire to have a say in the Yankees‘ offseason strategy. They argued that he should not meddle in front-office affairs.

Francesa’s criticism of Aaron Judge misleading

According to Francesa, Aaron Judge should be responsible for making decisions about which players should stay or leave the team. He suggested that the captain’s primary focus should be on playing at a high level and providing leadership, especially during crucial games, rather than getting involved in roster decisions.

Francesa’s attempt to confine Aaron Judge’s leadership solely to on-field performance doesn’t come as a surprise. It’s essentially a “shut up and play” directive. He, who once labeled Aaron Judge’s Yankees contract as “a bad deal,” has consistently criticized players, particularly in the NBA, who use their contractual leverage to influence team decisions.

To suggest that Aaron Judge is engaging in such manipulation is both misguided and misleading. In fact, the slugger is the one exposing himself to criticism by actively participating in the organization’s decision-making. If the Yankees’ “new” plan for 2024 were to falter, fingers could easily point at him for his involvement in shaping a potentially flawed strategy. There were reports that Aaron Judge had a role in the offseason preparations for the 2023 season, and the results were less than stellar.

Aaron Judge’s track record demonstrates his willingness to take risks. He defied critics who questioned his negotiating strategy when securing his massive Yankees contract. Now, he’s illustrating to the entire baseball world that being the captain of the Yankees entails more than just excelling on the field.

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21 thoughts on “Francesa takes aim at Aaron Judge for his Yankees comments

  1. I think Francesca is a huge HORSE’S ASS! Thankfully I have been able to again listen to WFAN again. It IS Judge’s responsibility to want & help the team improve. It’s no different than what I’m sure Kobi, Jordan, Lebron & other stars have done. Francesca, with his arrogance, should go retreat to under a rock where he belongs!!

    1. I agree, he (Francesca) is and ass, but like a broken clock (right 2x a day) he’s right. So now we can partially blame Judge for the team hitting .200? 5 or more players finished hitting UNDER . 200?!!! It may be crude, but shut up and play.

      1. $360 million gives him every reason for him and Cole to have input. Can’t leave it to the front office. Look where we at now.

  2. I think Francesca is a blowhard whose time has passed as a voice of reason. Judge never said he wants to make decisions but his input is invaluable. Cole should be involved too.

  3. Love the fact that Aaron is taking the unitive to fix what Cashman messed up first thing is to get Cashman fired

  4. Haven’t lived in the northeast since 1995, so I don’t listen to Francessa. Nice to know he’s still an idiot.

  5. Francesa thinks his opinions are much more important than they are. He is, and always has been a self -centered egomaniac. Who pays any attention to the shit coming out of his mouth? Go get a couple of Big Macs and so we don’t have to listen to you.

    1. Another “sports writer” who knows more than the powers that be !!! Judge is team captain so yes he should have some input as to what is going on with the team. Francesa should stay in his lane and stick to what he knows best: nothing

  6. Aaron Judge and Cole should be involved in decision making. Cole had the best year of his career and to spoil the best years with a horrible season is such a WASTE OF TALENT. Aaron Judge was hurt in a freak accident at Dodger Stadium or maybe the results would have been BETTER. THIS TEAM NEEDS BETTER PLAYERS AROUND ITS TWO STARS JUDGE & COLE. THE WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY MUST NOT CLOSE DURUNG THEIR PEAK YEARS. GET MORE LEFT HANDED, GET YOUNGER AND FASTER. BETTER EVALUATION OF TALENT IS NEEDED. STICK MICHAELS BUILT THE CHAMPIONSHIP TEAMS NOT THE STEINBRENNER FAMILY. HE IS GONE AND THEY NEED A TOTAL REEVALUATION OF THE WAY THEY OPERATE. 2024 needs to be better with good decisions from the top and HEALTHY PLAYERS WHO WORK HARD TO IMPROVE.

  7. Mike Francesa is lost in the vision of his reflection in the mirror. Noone cares what he says, or how often he repeats himself in a typical Francesa rant. He is yesterdays’ radio host, and his commentary is meaningless, and not worth the air it is carried on….

  8. Isn’t this why the put a C on his chest to be able to speak about team issues. And let’s not forget judge has never had an issue putting blame on himself he has never ran from criticism, it’s called media doing media things

  9. Seeing’s how as in most of this country, management sucks, so you might as well listen to the people with the most vested interest in winning. That would hands down, be Judge,& Cole. As in every aspect in this world, it’s the people doing the work who determine success or failure. And as everywhere else, management try to convince everyone of the opposite.

  10. Input from the team captain should be welcome and then the management team should make final decision.

  11. Mike is often out of line, either with his thoughts on sports or how he treats his callers. Only one opinion matters to him—his own. To think, we almost lost this wealth of sports knowledge to retirement.

    As for Judge, he’s referring to the analytical part of the organization along with, I’m guessing, the trainers, etc. He’d never put himself in a position to weigh in on players who should stay or go. But he can pressure the team to grab some gamers through free agency. While he’s at it, suggest a deep bench. The championship Yankees of the late 90’s, 2000 and 2001, had some unbelievable talent on their bench. That’s something that’s been missing for a very long time.

  12. I’m thrilled that he’s showing the commitment to the team. He’s not calling anyone out personally frankly he’s pointing out the obvious that we all see. He wants to win he’s accountable and he cares all great qualities.

  13. Funny, coming from a guy who never played the game but made his living telling his audience what teams should do with their personnel. I don’t think Judge will be making the final decision, but who better to give input on who may not be what they want in the clubhouse.

  14. Judge and Cole have over $300 million dollars reason to have input. Can’t leave it up to the front office. Look where we at now because of the front office.

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