Former great upbeat about Yankees’ 2023 but want them to fill holes

The Yankees getting their Yankee Stadium ready for Opening Day.

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In 2022, the New York Yankees had a good season, but they also had some problems. The team went far in the playoffs before losing in the ALCS. In a recent interview, a Yankee legend talked about how hard things have been for the team. Even though the Yanks have a team full of stars, they haven’t won anything big since their last championship in 2009. But the former great, who is also the only player to be inducted into the Hall of Fame unanimously, spoke highly of the men in pinstripes. He believes in New York’s ability to come back.

In case you were wondering, the former Yankee is Mariano Rivera. The greatest closer ever to play spent his whole career with the Yankees and helped the team win 5 World Series. He was the team’s leader and knows what it takes to win. In the interview, Rivera talked about how bad things were for the Yankees in 2022 and what the good news was.

Rivera thinks the Yankees rebounded nicely

Mariano Rivera talked about the 2022 season of the New York Yankees while talking to Jennifer Williams of Fox 5. He said that even though the team had some hard times, they were able to get back on their feet. Indeed, after their worst August slump, the Yankees recovered to win the AL East and progress to the ALCS.

According to Rivera: “This year at the end, the Yankees were going through tough times but they bounced back. And that’s what it is all about. Every team goes through that. But the Yankees went through it and looked horrible.”

The Bombers got back on their feet and made it to the ALCS, where they lost to the Astros. Rivera thinks the team can go farther, though. He said that though it is a good team, they need to fill in some gaps.

Mariano Rivera thinks the Yankees have a good team, but he thinks they need to work on their pitching. He said that there is a good mix of talented young people and veterans with a lot of experience. But the pitching is still the main problem. But in Carlos Rodon, they have signed a 6-year deal with a star ace.

The Yankees have two good aces, Nestor Cortes Jr. and Gerrit Cole, who both had great seasons in 2022. How far they will go in the next season can only be seen in the future.

This year, will they be able to compete for the World Series title?

What do you think about Riveria’s positive vibes?

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