Forget the hype, Oswald Peraza’s work ethic is the real story shocking Yankees fans

Oswald Peraza shocks the Yankees fans showing his progress during the offseason
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Amanda Paula
Friday February 2, 2024

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Oswald Peraza‘s vacation became more than just a break from the grind; it transformed into a period of significant advancement, catching the keen eye of his personal trainer, Alexander Rodriguez. Rodriguez, a Venezuelan fitness expert, didn’t hesitate to highlight Peraza’s journey on social media.

Showing the progress

Through Rodriguez’s account, he shared insights into the tailored month-long regimen he meticulously crafted for Peraza, a professional MLB player.

“Here I leave you the work of one month with Oswald Peraza, a professional player in the major leagues, where we established a plan focused on agility, power, strength, and endurance based on his physical conditions, with a nutrition plan suitable for his weight and height, and high-performance training.” Rodriguez published it originally in Spanish.

Rodriguez’s Instagram post, resonating with enthusiasm and professionalism, outlined the comprehensive program designed to enhance Peraza’s agility, power, strength, and endurance. The regimen was meticulously tailored to Peraza’s unique physical attributes, underpinned by a personalized nutrition plan calibrated to his weight and height specifications. It was a holistic approach aimed at optimizing Peraza’s performance and pushing his limits through high-performance training.

Yankees fans excited with Oswald Peraza’s dedication

The impact of Oswald Peraza’s vacation training regimen was both immediate and profound, reverberating across social media platforms like the Talkin Yanks account and igniting a wave of anticipation among Yankees fans. As the news of Peraza’s dedication and progress spread, discussions among baseball enthusiasts surged, reflecting the fervor surrounding the potential impact on the team’s performance.

Amidst the chatter, various voices weighed in on the significance of Peraza’s efforts. Tweets from fans and observers ranged from playful commentary to genuine excitement about the prospect of Peraza’s contributions to the team. Some expressed amusement at the contrast between Peraza’s training commitment and other baseball-related news, while others eagerly anticipated witnessing Peraza’s evolution on the field.

The reactions underscored the inherent optimism and skepticism that often accompany discussions about player development and performance in professional sports. Despite varying perspectives, there was a shared sense of curiosity and expectation regarding the tangible outcomes of Peraza’s dedicated training regimen.

In the end, Peraza’s unwavering commitment injected a ray of hope into the hearts of Yankees enthusiasts, hinting that this season might just unfold with a plethora of hits and elevated performances across the roster. Whether Peraza exhibited a formidable presence on the diamond or amidst the arrival of gifted talents like Verdugo and Juan Soto, the Yankees sought to wrap up the offseason by showcasing to their fans that a bright horizon awaited.

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One thought on “Forget the hype, Oswald Peraza’s work ethic is the real story shocking Yankees fans

  1. The transformation in Oswald Peraza’s physique & his commitment to conditioning is just further confirmation, in my opinion, that the Yankees should trade Torres for additional starting or relief pitching & play Peraza everyday at either 2B or SS.

    I live in NJ close to both the Yankees former AA site in Trenton & their current AA site in Somerset. (I worked in nearby Bridgdewater before retiring.)

    Consequently, I’ve seen a plethora of future MLB players, including Volpe & Peraza play multiple times. I’ve liked both tremendously, and, despite Volpe’s well-earned Gold Glove at SS, I think Volpe’s even more valuable at 2B because Peraza’s range & arm strength are even superior to Volpe’s, so they’d make a wonderful keystone pairing. That’s NOT a knock on Volpe; it’s simply high praise for Peraza’s impressive fielding skills.

    Moreover, Peraza’s hitting skills have been very impressive at both AA & AAA. Unfortunately, the Yankees did NOT use Peraza in a way that allowed him to showcase his considerable skills last year. They took a fairly polished gem of a prospect and turned him into an every-now-and-then-when the mood strikes-us fill-in player. That’s NOT the way to advance a young player’s skills & increase his confidence at the MLB level.

    That’s a fine approach with a veteran player who understands that his best days are behind him: such a player can thrive as a super-utility player if he realizes it will extend his career. But that approach is DISASTROUS to the development of a Young Player, who’s still trying to confirm to his team and, more importantly, himself that he’s a genuine major leaguer.

    Unfortunately, Yankee management, from Brainless Brian Cashman to Aaron Boone-head, seemingly did everything possible to DESTROY Peraza’s confidence by employing him in the moronic way they did in 2023.

    Hopefully, those two have learned a valuable lesson from the way they misused Peraza last year, but I doubt it because neither man has ever shown Any Sign of being introspective. Cashman’s obscene rant against members of the press earlier this offseason — for which he should have been fired — provided indisputable evidence that his Enormous Ego makes him incapable of being introspective, since that would entail him taking Responsibility for his extensive list of dumb trades, extensions, and other decisions as a GM.

    The ability to be introspective, to be self-critical in a healthy manner & correct your known faults, is a VITAL ingredient in self-growth, and Cashman has ZERO capability in that regard, as his obscene & self-righteous rant against the press showed when he insisted that the 2023 Yankees, with their 82-80 record, were (quote) “pretty f**king good.”

    That quote accurately sums up Cashman’s capacity for introspective insight: the 2023 Yankees were Horrible & Painful to watch, but Cashman insisted they were “pretty f**king good,” despite the whiff of manure that hung over that team! And in making that statement, Cashman was telling fans & the press: “I’m RIGHT, even when I’m Empirically Wrong. So, to paraphrase Cashman, shut the F-up!” And that’s why I call Cashman “Brainless Brian.”

    Note:, which has no ties to the Yankees, titled their article on Cashman’s rant as follows: “Yankees’ GM Brian Cashman goes on epic rant and slams critics of team’s analytics.” So, yea, he’s brainless.

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