Yankees flicker interest in Marlins’ reliever in trade involving top prospect, claims insider

Tanner Scott could be on the radar of the Yankees, as stated by the fox sports journalist
Esteban Quiñones
Friday February 2, 2024

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The New York Yankees, aiming to bolster their bullpen, have cast their eye on Miami Marlins reliever Tanner Scott, as suggested by Fox Sports’ Jordan Shusterman.

Despite boasting the best bullpen in baseball last season, the Yankees faced setbacks in free agency, losing both Wandy Peralta and Keynan Middleton. Peralta inked a deal with the San Diego Padres, while Middleton landed with the St. Louis Cardinals, contrary to speculations of their return to New York.

Marlins reliever on the radar of the Yankees

With vacancies to fill, the Yankees are exploring avenues to fortify their bullpen, weighing options in free agency and the trade market. Among the names floated is Miami Marlins reliever Tanner Scott, as proposed by Jordan Shusterman of Fox Sports.

Shusterman suggested a trade scenario: “New York Yankees acquire left-handed pitcher Tanner Scott from the Marlins for shortstop Oswald Dair Peraza.” In his analysis, he highlighted Miami’s surplus of excellent left-handed relievers, with Scott standing out as one of baseball’s premier relievers last season. However, Scott is set to hit free agency after the upcoming season, adding urgency to the trade proposition.

Should the Yankees opt to bolster their pitching staff without further investments in the rotation, dangling Peraza as a potential long-term shortstop solution for the Marlins could facilitate a mutually beneficial exchange for Scott.

Shusterman’s proposed trade presents a compelling opportunity for both teams. New York remains keen on shoring up their bullpen, and Scott’s stellar performance last season solidifies his appeal as a top-tier reliever. With a notable 2.31 ERA and an impressive 104-to-24 strikeout-to-walk ratio, Scott’s advanced metrics underscore his effectiveness on the mound.

While Peraza has exhibited promise, his potential inclusion in the trade signifies the Yankees’ willingness to part with a young talent in exchange for bullpen reinforcement. Peraza’s flashes of talent and versatility may entice the Marlins as they consider long-term solutions for their roster.

In summary, the proposed trade aligns with the Yankees’ objective of enhancing their bullpen strength while offering the Marlins a promising prospect in Peraza. As negotiations unfold, both teams stand to benefit from a strategic exchange that addresses immediate needs and future aspirations.

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