Fans want Aaron Boone’s head as Yankees slide hits new low

Yankees manager Aaron Boone is at Tampa during the 2024 spring training camp.
Sara Molnick
Friday July 5, 2024

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The New York Yankees’ fortunes have taken a sharp downturn since June 14, when they became the first MLB team to reach 50 wins with a 50-22 record. However, a dismal 4-13 run since then has raised questions about manager Aaron Boone’s leadership and his ability to hold players accountable. Yankees fans now hold him responsible for the slide after losing 8-4 to the Reds on Thursday at Yankee Stadium.

They were swept in a three-game series by the Cincinnati Reds, a team with a sub-.500 record. The Yankees’ offense sputtered, managing only 10 runs across the series. In Game 1, their pitcher Luis Gil struggled on the mound, unable to make necessary adjustments in a narrow one-run defeat. The next contest featured Carlos Rodon surrendering two home runs, resulting in another one-run loss for the Bronx Bombers.

The series finale proved equally disappointing, with Marcus Stroman yielding three home runs and putting the Yankees in an early 5-0 deficit. This sweep extends the Yankees’ recent slump to 5 wins and 14 losses over their last 19 games, raising concerns about the team’s performance and direction.

The Yankees have lost five of their last six series, with only a four-game split against the Toronto Blue Jays providing any relief. The sweep by the Reds has erased any momentum, with a tough series against the surging Boston Red Sox looming.

Currently sitting at 54-35, the Yankees have slipped two games behind the Baltimore Orioles in the American League East. A dismal 4-13 run since reaching 50 wins has left Boone searching for explanations for the team’s sudden decline.

Boone fails to seek players’ accountability for Yankees slide

After being swept in a three-game series by the Cincinnati Reds, Boone addressed the team’s confidence issues. While acknowledging the need for improvement in all areas, his remarks echoed the cliches used during last season’s struggles and a manager’s comedown under pressure, which has sparked concern.

Yankees pitcher Carlos Rodon with manager Aaron Boone during the 2023 season.

Boone described the current situation as a grind for several players, emphasizing the need to endure this challenging period. However, these comments, more suitable for early-season slumps, are troubling given it is now July, and the team appears to be regressing.

“I do sense there are some guys kind of going through it when you’re trying to find your way and get that traction going,” the Yankees skipper said. “It’s a little bit of a grind right now for a handful of guys—we gotta make sure that, best you can, you weather that storm.”

Apart from star player Aaron Judge, the entire Yankees roster seems to be in a slump. This widespread underperformance is fueling criticism of Boone’s management style and his ability to motivate the team.

As the Yankees continue to falter, pressure is mounting on Boone to find effective solutions and reverse the team’s fortunes. The upcoming series against the Red Sox may be crucial in determining whether the Yankees can regain their early-season form or if more significant changes are necessary.

The Yankees’ performance has plummeted since mid-June, where their once impressive +134 run differential has dwindled to +96, now ranking fifth in MLB. This stark decline over the past three weeks highlights the team’s struggles in pitching, offense, and defense.

The downturn began with losses to the Boston Red Sox on June 15-16, exposing cracks in the Yankees’ previously solid starting rotation and their susceptibility to opponents’ base running. Since holding the best record in MLB at 50-22 on June 14, the Yankees have posted a league-worst 4-13 record. Meanwhile, rivals like the Red Sox, Houston Astros, and New York Mets have surged, strengthening their playoff positions.

Manager Aaron Boone is with Yankees captain Aaron Boone during the 2023 season.

The Yankees’ meltdown

Pitching has been a significant issue for the Yankees, who have allowed five or more runs in 12 of their last 17 games, compared to just 18 such instances in their first 72 contests. Offensively, the team has struggled to score early, failing to lead at any point in their last 11 losses.

The recent series against the Cincinnati Reds highlighted these problems, with the Yankees never leading in any of the 27 innings played. They consistently found themselves trailing early, falling behind 5-0, 3-0, and 5-0 in the three games before attempting to rally.

This prolonged period of poor performance raises concerns about the Yankees’ ability to reclaim their early-season dominance. With struggles in all aspects of the game, maintaining their position in the highly competitive American League East presents a formidable challenge.

New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone addressed the team’s ongoing difficulties, underscoring the need for comprehensive improvement. He acknowledged the frequent situation of playing from behind and noted that numerous players are struggling.

“We have got to play better on all fronts,” Aaron Boone said. “It seems like we’re playing catch up a lot. There’s a handful of guys are going through it.”

The Yankees’ pitching issues have compelled Boone to depend more on an overtaxed bullpen, which had been shielded by previously strong starting rotations. Offensively, the Yankees have leaned too heavily on Aaron Judge and Juan Soto. In an effort to ignite the lineup, Boone repositioned the slumping Anthony Volpe to sixth and elevated Ben Rice to the leadoff spot, with Rice and Austin Wells delivering some of the most productive at-bats.

The offense has been further hampered by the absences of key players like Giancarlo Stanton and Anthony Rizzo. While Judge has been outstanding since mid-June, the rest of the lineup has collectively batted just .198 during the same timeframe.

The infield’s lack of production remains a significant concern, with Volpe showing potential but struggling with consistency. Among Yankees hitters with at least 100 plate appearances this season, only Judge, Soto, and Stanton have posted above-average OPS+ figures, with Judge and Soto being the current lineup’s standouts.

The New York Yankees are grappling with serious offensive struggles, as five of their players with over 100 plate appearances are posting an OPS+ below 90. This deficiency has made the team overly dependent on Aaron Judge’s performance, a recurring issue in recent seasons.

The Yankees’ recent home performance is particularly worrisome, with the team losing nine of their last 12 games at Yankee Stadium despite a strong season start. This slump, along with their first series sweep of the season, has set off alarms.

But Boone, instead of, seeking accountability is always defending his players, even if they make mistakes and exhibit non-serious attitude.

Fans hold Boone responsible

Following their sweep in the 2022 ALCS and missing the 2023 postseason, the Yankees seemed prepared to let manager Aaron Boone see out his contract. However, if the team’s performance does not improve soon, ownership might contemplate a managerial change to salvage the season and avoid another disappointing outcome.

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One thought on “Fans want Aaron Boone’s head as Yankees slide hits new low

  1. Whacking Boone, does exactly what? This is not 1984 anymore where the manager was the manager and he decided who to play and who sits, for whatever the reason. At best, Boone has an opinion that gets listened to every so often. Boone didn’t hire the coaches on the staff. Does anyone thing Boone is this stupid or demented, especially when you heard him talk about Volpe needing a day, but his D is THAT important, it’s OK to let a guy hitting under. 190 with little power, not taking pitches either, swinging at pretty much everything for the last 4 weeks?

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