Ex-ace Pedro Martinez admits pushing Red Sox for Yankees trade thrice

Former Red Sox ace Ex-ace Pedro Martinez admits to pushing Red Sox for Yankees trade thrice.
Sara Molnick
Friday February 9, 2024

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Pedro Martinez, the fire-breathing Dominican dynamo, cemented his place in baseball history as a Red Sox legend. But this Boston icon nearly wore the pinstripes of the Red Sox’s bitter rivals, the New York Yankees? In a recent interview, Martinez himself revealed his surprising desire to join the Bronx Bombers, sending shockwaves through the baseball world.

During his seven-season reign with the Red Sox, Pedro Martinez carved his name into the pantheon of greats, winning two of his three Cy Young Awards. His fiery passion, pinpoint control, and signature changeup made him a nightmare for opposing batters. Yet, despite his deep ties to Boston, Pedro Martinez confessed to Santiago Matias of Alofoke FM 99.3, “I asked for a trade three times to play with the New York Yankees.”

Pedro Martinez’s confession

This revelation is a curveball, considering Pedro Martinez’s legendary status as a Red Sox hero. Imagine, for a moment, he pitching alongside the likes of Mariano Rivera, Derek Jeter, and Roger Clemens. The late 90s and early 2000s were already dominated by the Yankees, with World Series victories in ’96, ’98, ’99, and 2000. Adding Pedro Martinez to that already-stacked lineup could have irrevocably altered the balance of power in Major League Baseball.

Charles Krupa/AP

However, Pedro Martinez’s career wasn’t without its fiery moments. His aggressive pitching style, particularly his affinity for throwing inside, often ignited on-field confrontations. The infamous 2003 ALCS between the Red Sox and Yankees stands as a prime example. A close pitch to Karim Garcia by Pedro Martinez triggered retaliation from Roger Clemens, leading to a benches-clearing brawl involving Martinez and Yankees coach Don Zimmer.

While the “what ifs” of a Pedro Martinez-Yankees trade are intriguing, it’s crucial to remember the impact he made with the Red Sox. He was instrumental in breaking the “Curse of the Bambino,” leading them to their first World Series title in 86 years in 2004. He became a symbol of resilience and passion for the Red Sox faithful, forever etching his name in their hearts.

Pedro Martinez, who was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2015, clinched the prestigious Cy Young Award three times, further solidifying his reputation as one of baseball’s elite pitchers. His dominance extended beyond individual accolades, as he topped the American League in ERA on four occasions and strikeouts three times, showcasing his exceptional skill set over his seven-year stint in Boston.

His legacy with the Red Sox reached its pinnacle in 2004 when he played a pivotal role in the team’s remarkable comeback from a 3-0 deficit against the Yankees in the ALCS, ultimately leading to their historic World Series triumph. This victory not only ended the Red Sox’s 86-year championship drought but also shattered the infamous “Curse of the Bambino,” cementing Pedro Martinez’s status as a Boston sports legend.

So, while the idea of Pedro Martinez in pinstripes might be mind-boggling, it’s important to appreciate his legacy as a Boston legend. His story reminds us that even the most iconic figures can harbor surprising desires, highlighting the complex and fascinating world of Major League Baseball.

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