Gerrit Cole eyes Boston legend’s magic pitch to overcome his biggest weakness

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Michael Bennington
Sunday January 28, 2024

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Even with a Cy Young Award in hand, Gerrit Cole remains relentless in his pursuit of pitching perfection, targeting what he considers his biggest vulnerability—the changeup. Despite his already dominant arsenal, the ace starter is determined to elevate his game, recognizing that every edge matters.

In a candid admission to YES Network’s Jack Curry, Gerrit Cole acknowledged, “My worst pitch is still my change-up,” and drew inspiration from an unexpected source—Pedro Martinez. While the mention of Martinez might evoke memories of past Red Sox battles for some in the Bronx, the Yankees rotation leader is focused on the legendary pitcher’s mastery of the changeup.

Gerrit Cole fixated on Pedro’s signature pitch to fix pitching flaw

Gerrit Cole prior to his debut at the all-star game, July 11, 2023.
New York Yankees

While discussing his desire for improvement, Gerrit Cole expressed, “I have three pitches that go to the left, and if I could have something that good that moved that much to the right, that would be pretty ideal.”

Martinez’s changeup, a deceptive and elusive pitch, serves as the benchmark for what the ace aims to incorporate into his repertoire.

For Gerrit Cole, this pursuit isn’t merely about technical refinement; it reflects his unyielding drive for excellence. Despite an outstanding 2023 season, where he led the AL in ERA, strikeouts, and WHIP, the Yankees ace refuses to rest on his laurels. This commitment to greatness resonates with Yankees fans, who appreciate the warrior spirit embodied by their pinstriped heroes.

As the upcoming season unfolds, it promises to be a captivating chapter in Gerrit Cole’s evolution. Will he successfully integrate elements of Pedro’s elusive changeup into his arsenal? Can his relentless pursuit of perfection make him even more formidable on the mound? One thing is certain: Yankees fans will be eagerly watching, anticipating the next compelling chapter in the ongoing legend of Gerrit Cole.

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