Yankees forced Gary Sanchez to stay away from ice cream, reveals ex-mate

Gary Sanchez is in pinstripes during his Yankees career in 2018.

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New York Yankees supporters were left unsatisfied with Gary Sánchez‘s performance throughout his time with the team. Similarly, the catcher himself felt unfulfilled in the Bronx, although his cravings were directed toward aisle 15 or the hidden parts of the menu.

Gary Sanchez’s indulgence in sugary treats was reportedly curbed by the Yankees when he signed for $3 million in 2009, as per a former teammate.

Yankees reliever Tommy Kahnle shared a humorous anecdote about Gary Sanchez during an interview with the “Foul Territory” crew on Thursday, mentioning that when Sánchez was 17, they had to keep the ice cream away from him. Kahnle found it amusing.

Yanks denied Gary Sanchez ice cream

Kahnle elaborated by mentioning that their strength coach had to follow Gary Sanchez around, instructing him not to have ice cream. He described it as a bit chaotic, considering he was just a seventeen-year-old kid at the time.

Similar to a parent setting restrictions on a child’s dessert intake, the Yankees had a specific objective in mind: They sought to improve the physical condition of their former player. At 31 years old and currently listed at 6-2, 230 pounds, they aimed to maintain him at the catcher position, despite his historical defensive challenges in that role.

In 2010, Baseball America observed that Gary Sanchez required consistent attention to his conditioning and mobility, as noted in their scouting report. Seven years later, Yankees general manager Brian Cashman remarked that his increased bulk was impacting his defensive flexibility, clarifying to the New York Post that while Gary Sanchez had gained physical size, he wasn’t overweight. By 2023, Sánchez’s sprint speed was reported to be in the sixth percentile.

Ex-Yankees Gary Sanchez is in San Diego Padres uniform.

Kahnle and Gary Sanchez shared a connection dating back to their time together in the Yankees‘ system, where Kahnle, drafted in 2010, developed a fondness for pitching to Sánchez over four years. Despite not being battery mates in the majors until 2017-20 due to Kahnle’s stints with other teams, including the Colorado Rockies and the Chicago White Sox, they eventually reunited with the Yankees.

Gary Sanchez’s recent signing with the Milwaukee Brewers marks a notable downturn in his career trajectory, especially considering his earlier success as a top prospect with the Yankees, where he achieved multiple 30-plus home run seasons. However, his performance declined after his 2019 All-Star campaign at the age of 26.

Gary Sanchez at Triple-A Syracuse Mets.
Harry Scull Jr

Following a stint with the New York Mets, Gary Sanchez experienced a career resurgence with the San Diego Padres last season, demonstrating improved numbers. It appears that he may have achieved some flexibility with his dietary choices in the end.

Gary Sanchez conveyed to Yankees Magazine in 2017 that one must maintain a relaxed demeanor and find enjoyment in life. He expressed a fondness for ice cream, highlighting it as a particular favorite food. After that, he indulged in a hot fudge sundae, savoring each spoonful more than the previous one.

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