Yankees’ hitting coach Dillon Lawson’s surprising take on Anthony Volpe raises questions about the strategy

Anthony Volpes is showcasing his skills for the Yankees during the action-packed MLB 2023 season.

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Lawson’s comments have ignited a fiery debate among fans and analysts, with opinions divided on whether Volpe’s performance justifies the hitting coach’s optimistic perspective or reflects a concerning trend requiring immediate action from the Yankees front office.

In a recent development, New York Yankees hitting coach Dillon Lawson has once again sparked controversy with his surprising remarks. Known for his head-scratching comments in the past, Lawson’s most recent take on Yankees’ shortstop Anthony Volpe, who has been struggling in the 2023 season, has raised eyebrows across the baseball community, as reported by Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic.

During a recent discussion, Lawson expressed his thoughts on Volpe‘s struggles by stating, “If he was hitting a reckless .200, there’s no chance you’d have confidence. But it’s a professional .200.” This assertion implies that despite Volpe’s low batting average, Lawson believes the shortstop is making the most of his at-bats and delivering valuable contributions.

However, the statistics present a different narrative. As of the time of this report, Volpe’s slash line stands at a disappointing .191/.268/.358 with a .626 OPS. While he has shown glimpses of potential and exhibited respectable power with nine home runs, the numbers do not lie.

The controversy lies in whether Lawson’s perspective is justified or if it downplays the significance of Volpe’s struggles

Anthony Volpe entered the 2023 season as one of baseball’s most highly regarded prospects, leading to excitement among Yankees fans when he made the Opening Day roster. However, his struggles have left many questioning whether the Yankees will consider demoting him at some point. While Volpe possesses immense talent and a bright future, sending him to the minor leagues for a chance to reset is a viable option.

Ultimately, it is up to the Yankees organization to decide whether they will continue to have faith in Volpe’s potential for improvement, relying on his steady “professional” batting average of around .200 or pursuing alternative strategies to aid in his resurgence.

Yankees fans defy critics, celebrating Anthony Volpe’s accomplishments

Anthony Volpe smashes a solo home run to right field, tying the game at 2 in the bottom of the 5th inning

At Yankee Stadium, the bleacher fans erupted in jubilation after a thrilling victory against their rival, the Red Sox, on Friday night, celebrating with enthusiastic high fives and dousing each other in showers of beer. However, an unexpected issue arose.

During the bottom of the ninth inning, with the Red Sox narrowly holding on to a 3-2 lead and two runners on base, the Yankees’ rookie, Anthony Volpe, smashed a pitch from Kenley Jansen towards left field.

Although the ball veered foul, a video captured by a spectator’s cell phone revealed that the majority of fans were unaware of this crucial detail. In the very next pitch, Jansen managed to retire Volpe with a routine popout, securing a 3-2 victory for the Red Sox.

Both teams are scheduled to resume their showdown on Saturday at 7:35 p.m., rekindling the intense rivalry between Boston and New York. And maybe this time, Anthony Volpe will defy and overthrow the critics surrounding him,

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4 thoughts on “Yankees’ hitting coach Dillon Lawson’s surprising take on Anthony Volpe raises questions about the strategy

  1. It’s tough. If DJ, Stanton, Judge, Rizzo, Torres, and Bader we’re all in the lineup and producing, the Yanks could carry Volpe. With all the injuries and resetting their timing once someone gets back, there’s too much dependence on a rookie to produce in high leverage situations.

    1. Yes Anthony has power, but imo he should take the up the middle approach. Go with the pitch. That would give him more time to adjust.

  2. to much pressure on him for a 20 year old rookie give him time and i believe he will be a yankee great

  3. I am sorry I don’t see professional AB’s . I see mistake hitting and guess hitting. Which leads to the home runs. He is on pace to strike out 250 times, hit under .200. He will have almost 400 completely unproductive AB’s. Hardly productive or professional! He needs to be sent down no player with those numbers should figure it out at the major league level!

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