Anthony Volpe wants to redeem himself against Boston as ‘the player they hate’

Anthony Volpe of the New Yor Yankees

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This weekend marks a significant moment for Anthony Volpe, as he prepares to play in his first regular-season game between the Red Sox and Yankees. The highly anticipated three-game series starts in New York, marking the first time these two teams face each other this season adding a new chapter in their fabled rivalry.

The young rookie shortstop is eagerly anticipating the upcoming weekend when the Yankees will travel to Boston. This will allow Anthony Volpe to experience the renowned Yankees vs. Red Sox rivalry firsthand on the opposing team’s turf.

Anthony Volpe expressed his enthusiasm for the upcoming visit to Fenway Park, stating to FOX Sports that he is looking forward to the experience. He acknowledged the likelihood of facing animosity from the opposing fans, but he accepted it as an opportunity to become the type of player that elicits such emotions.

Driven by his fondness for the Yankees since he was a kid, Anthony Volpe gained an understanding of the rivalry between the two teams from his parents. In 2003, he was only 2 years old and may not have any personal recollection of how his current manager, Aaron Boone, hit a walk-off home run enabling the Yankees to beat the Red Sox in the American League Championship Series.

According to Anthony Volpe, as he matured, the nature of the rivalry underwent a transformation due to the absence of players on the Red Sox whom he found “hateable.”

Anthony Volpe bats as Aaron Judge and Anthony Rizzo look at him.

“When I was young, the rivalry was real with my family,” Anthony Volpe said. “But as I got older it changed. My mom used to hate the Red Sox, but as time went on they didn’t have any hateable players. She was like, ‘What am I gonna do, hate Mookie Betts?’”

“I’m excited to go to Fenway and experience it,” Anthony Volpe continued. “They’re probably gonna hate me. But you wanna be the kind of player they hate.”

This weekend marks the initial encounter between the long-standing rivals in the current season. The revised schedule now restricts the frequency of matchups between the Red Sox and Yankees. However, seasoned players such as Gerrit Cole and Nestor Cortes understand that despite the diminished animosity between the teams, the fans at Fenway Park will undoubtedly generate a hostile atmosphere, reminiscent of the intense player rivalries observed in the early 2000s.

Cortes mentioned to FOX Sports that the atmosphere at Fenway Park is always vibrant, with music playing in the background. He explained that when warming up in the bullpen at Fenway, the proximity to the fans creates an intense experience, and one can truly sense the energy emanating from them. Cortes recalled a specific instance during the Wild Card Game in 2021 when Gerrit Cole was warming up, noting that the palpable animosity from the fans was distinctly perceptible.

The last postseason encounter between the two teams occurred during the 2021 AL Wild Card Game. According to Cortes, the atmosphere at Fenway Park was already intense even before the game began. However, it escalated further when Gerrit Cole, the Yankees’ ace pitcher, lasted only two-plus innings in Boston’s 6-2 victory. This added fuel to the already fiery ambiance and heightened the excitement among the fans.

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