Did a real estate agent lie about Anthony Volpe buying a UWS Central Park unit to gain fame?

Anthony Volpe with his family and dog.
Matthew Maybloom
Thursday August 24, 2023

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A few days back, real-estate agent Ariel Mahgerefteh claimed to have sold a unit on the Upper West Side to Yankees’ rookie shortstop Anthony Volpe. However, a recent revelation has found no such sale and confirmed that Yankees’ rising star Anthony Volpe might not actually be planning to relocate to the Upper West Side after all.

This has put doubts on the story from the Compass agent claiming that they sold an Upper West Side co-op to the young shortstop in May for $2 million is now facing disagreement from the Corcoran agent who represented the buyers.

The claim about Anthony Volpe’s purchase

Ariel Mahgerefteh, who recently switched to Compass from a competing brokerage called Serhant, had informed The Real Deal that he sold a simple two-bedroom apartment on Central Park West to the rising Yankees athlete. Even though the ownership document was signed by Anthony Volpe’s parents, Mahgerefteh claimed that the apartment was actually intended for the baseball player.

Earlier this month, Mahgerefteh stated to TRD that he thought Anthony Volpe was incredibly grounded and that he believed the rookie shortstop was just a normal guy.

However, the agent representing the buyers, Doug McCullough, has consistently stated that the unit was actually intended for the player’s parents, Michael and Isabella Volpe, who already have a home in New Jersey and not for Anthony Volpe.

Anthony Volpe with his family soon after the Yankees opted for him for their Opening Day roster.

McCullough was so upset about this that the public relations teams of Corcoran and Compass got involved to investigate. A spokesperson from Compass mentioned that Mahgerefteh acknowledged in an internal interview that he never actually met Anthony Volpe. However, the agent still claimed that the sellers had clearly indicated that the unit was intended for the Yankees shortstop.

The counterclaim

A document from the co-op board, which McCullough shared with TRD, indicates that Isabella and Michael Volpe, along with their daughter Olivia Volpe, were listed as anticipated occupants on the board application.

The document states that there will be times when Anthony Volpe will be visiting occasionally and that he is a professional baseball player. The document also included the name of Anthony Volpes’ Labradoodle dog Jedi.

The building, located about 21 minutes away from Yankee Stadium by subway, doesn’t seem to have many well-known residents. In 2018, former T-Mobile CEO John Legere sold his apartment there for $22 million. Interestingly, that unit was rumored to have been owned by publishing magnate William Randolph Hearst, who used it as a meeting place to see his mistress, Marion Davies.

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