Derek Jeter gets a surprise as his kids think he’s Tiger Woods

Yankees legend Derek Jeter is on a vacation.

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While parenting presents its challenges, Hannah and Derek Jeter seem to navigate it effortlessly. Balancing the needs of children spanning various age groups, this pair excels in all aspects of parenting, be it education, family outings, or career choices. Derek Jeter, in particular, discovered a newfound passion for golf after retiring from baseball, and despite his illustrious 20-year baseball career, his daughters now primarily see him as a golfer.

In a recent interview with Access Hollywood, the couple delved into their children’s career interests. Having recently welcomed a son, they shared insights into their daughters’ innocence when it comes to their father’s MLB career, highlighting the charming disconnect between Derek Jeter’s storied baseball past and their own understanding.

Derek Jeter non-commital over son’s baseball career


During their conversation about career paths, the couple was asked about their son’s potential future in baseball. Hannah took the initiative in responding, expressing their primary desire for their children to find happiness and success in their chosen endeavors. Derek Jeter’s wife emphasized that it was premature to guide them toward a particular career path. To illustrate this point, she shared an endearing anecdote about how their daughters innocently drew parallels to Tiger Woods, underlining their youthful innocence in such matters.

Hannah mentioned that their daughters were unaware of Derek Jeter’s profession until recently. She chuckled as she shared that at one point, their daughters believed their father was a professional golfer.

The former New York Yankees legend injected a touch of humor into the discussion, quipping, “It’s not like anyone has ever considered a career as a professional golfer, right?” With five World Series championships to his name, Derek Jeter and his wife share a laugh over their daughters downplaying his Hall of Fame baseball career and making subtle comparisons to Tiger Woods.

Approaching the topic from a parental perspective, Derek Jeter emphasized that regardless of their future professional choices, he would prefer his children to engage in at least one sport. Drawing from his own experience as a seasoned athlete, he recognized the valuable life lessons that can be gleaned from sports, and he hopes his children can benefit similarly.

One such lesson he may hope to impart to their children is the importance of maintaining a level of privacy while occasionally sharing enjoyable and memorable life experiences with others.

Derek Jeter avoids media glare


During the same conversation, Derek Jeter’s wife mentioned that she was not proficient with social media, which illustrates why they prefer to keep most aspects of their lives private. This lifestyle is something that comes naturally to the Jeter family.

Hannah and Derek Jeter shared that their commitment to privacy extends not only to themselves but also to their children. Their lives are so intertwined with their kids that it becomes incredibly challenging to separate what should be kept private from what is shared on social media. This approach, they believe, is a cornerstone of their successful parenting journey.

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