Derek Jeter’s debut: A spectacle of fun, pranks, and electric fan reactions

Derek Jeter makes his debut for Fox Sports on June 25, 2023, at Yankee Stadium.
Michael Bennington
Sunday June 25, 2023

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The first day of Derek Jeter at Fox Sports studio turned out to be one of the most memorable ever seen for a sportscaster in recent years. From pranks to impactful fun on display and fans’ reactions to his tossing up of a Red Sox shirt, everything had ample scope to leave TV watchers entertained.

The iconic Yankees shortstop made his debut as an MLB analyst for the network on Saturday afternoon. He appeared on the top pregame show for the Cardinals-Cubs game, which took place in England as part of the London Series.

Though Derek Jeter is no more playing in pinstripes his allegiance to the Yankees was on full display from his feelings towards the Red Sox.

Derek Jeter made his debut

Derek Jeter joined Kevin Burkhardt, his former Yankees teammate Alex Rodriguez, and former Red Sox star David “Big Papi” Ortiz on the Fox show. During his introduction as a new member of the crew, Burkhardt posed a question to Derek Jeter regarding his impressive accomplishments, asking where sitting next to Big Papi on television would rank among his life highlights as a Hall of Fame inductee, five-time World Series champion, and front office CEO. 

Derek Jeter responded promptly by engaging in a lighthearted and enjoyable exchange with his former rival-turned-colleague. He humorously remarked that the experience ranked at the bottom, eliciting laughter from Rodriguez and Ortiz. The Yankees legend mentioned that it couldn’t get any worse than that. However, Derek Jeter sincerely expressed his enjoyment in getting to know Papi, stating that while they had known each other from playing against one another, they had the opportunity to build a connection over the past few days in London. 

“This is right there at the bottom guys. It doesn’t get any worse than this. No in all honesty, I’ve enjoyed getting to know Papi. I’ve known him obviously playing against him, but getting to know him the last few days here in London, which I’m sure we’ll see a little bit of later, it’s been awesome. I couldn’t wait for this to start, and I’m looking forward to it.”

Derek Jeter added that it had been an awesome experience and that he was eagerly anticipating the start of their collaboration and looking forward to what lay ahead.

After the game, Derek Jeter received a playful gesture from Ortiz. The former Red Sox player presented him with a box, containing a home Red Sox jersey customized with his name and his famous No. 2. Jeter opened the box and promptly tossed the jersey away, while Rodriguez and Burkhardt found it amusing. 

Reflecting on the overall experience, Derek Jeter remarked that it had been a wonderful time.

Yankees fans reacted to Derek Jeter’s debut

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    1. Hey Ken Griffey…that was a long time ago . Times have changed and Hal Steinbrenner wasn’t part of wat U are telling the 🌎

  1. His father cashed Yankee checks for five seasons and didn’t have a problem with the Yankee organization.

  2. Let me rephrase that, his father didn’t seem to have any problem taken New York Yankee money for five seasons💰💰

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