David Wells slams Yankees, MLB, sponsors but defends culprit-in-chief Cashman

Ex-Yankees pitcher David Wells is with Aaron Boone at Yankee Stadium during the Yankees Old-Timers Day on September 09, 2023.

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The Yankees’ general manager, Brian Cashman, has faced criticism from unhappy fans throughout the season. They’re upset because they view him as the person responsible for the team’s disappointing performance this year.

But former Yankees player David Wells doesn’t believe that Cashman should be the only one getting criticized. He spoke to reporters before Saturday’s Old-Timers’ Day event at Yankee Stadium and defended the hated general manager. David Wells argued that the players should also take responsibility for the team’s performance this season.

According to David Wells, it often appears that GMs and managers are held responsible and lose their jobs. He stated that if he were the GM, he would take action to send a message. Regardless of the player’s identity, if they were struggling, he would consider sending them to Triple-A or Double-A as a wake-up call. David Wells believes the player’s salary wouldn’t matter and the important thing would be to convey a message and give them time to reflect on their performance in the minors.

David Wells claimed that Cashman, the Yankees’ general manager, should not be held responsible for the team’s struggles, even though he was the one who signed all the players that he was criticizing.

The ex-Yankees pitcher openly expressed his fondness for Cashman and said that he was doing his job. At the same time, David Wells pointed out that Cashman has a boss and is often held responsible for various things.

David Wells flays the Yankees

The outspoken former Yankees’ star caused some controversy on Old-Timer’s Day by stating that the team’s poor performance this season, which is one of their worst since the early 1990s, was not General Manager Brian Cashman’s fault. Instead, David Wells thinks it’s the players who haven’t been performing up to their ability. He also mentioned one specific thing he would like Cashman to change.

David Wells also suggested that teams should be tougher on their players. In his view, the solution to the Yankees’ problems is straightforward: send all the players down to the minor leagues.

David Wells informed reporters before the Yankees’ 9-2 loss to the Brewers that if he were a GM, he would initiate the practice of sending such a strong message. He emphasized that it wouldn’t matter who the player was; if they were underperforming, he would send them down to Triple-A or Double-A as a wake-up call. He mentioned that this had been done to him and to several other players in the past.

He shared the idea of sending a message to the players and having them spend time in the minors to reflect on their performance. David Wells suggested that there might be too much coddling and babying of players nowadays. In his view, it’s the responsibility of their teammates to push them to improve.

David Wells went on to question the way things are in the Yankees’ clubhouse and how they rely too much on analytics, which he believes is negatively impacting the game. According to him, the Yankees have a talented team but lack the team spirit and closeness needed for success.

David Wells explained that when he used to visit clubhouses, he observed that players often had their headphones on and stayed in the back room. He contrasted this with his own approach, where he would introduce himself, seek autographs, and ask questions about how to face specific opponents.

According to David Wells, today’s players don’t ask questions and are heavily influenced by analytics. He suggested that they lack the freedom to be themselves and develop their own identities, as they are provided with a predetermined game plan. In his era, the focus was on winning, with the best nine players taking the field.

David Wells’ statements appeared to shift the blame away from Yankees’ general manager Brian Cashman, who has faced a lot of criticism this season for putting together a team with issues that have ended up in last place in the American League East.

Wells slams the ‘different world’ of baseball

David Wells didn’t hold back and expressed strong disapproval of woke culture. He criticized Nike and Bud Light for their involvement in the current cultural debates and conflicts.

The former Yankees starter explained that this is a changing world, noting that he covered the Nike logo on his Yankees jersey with medical tape, according to The Athletic.

David Wells, who played in MLB for 21 years, including four with the Yankees, said he is frustrated with the current state of affairs and suggested that people should be armed. He further mentioned that if he were playing in today’s era, he would have altered his jersey by cutting a hole in it and wearing it on the field rather than displaying the Nike logo on his chest.

In addition, he remarked that he hates Nike and described them as “woke.” David Wells, who is 60, also criticized Major League Baseball’s culture, which he thinks is too soft on players.

In his opinion, the players are being pampered and not allowed to be themselves. According to David Wells, it’s important for teammates to push each other to improve, but such camaraderie is lacking nowadays. He pointed out that players don’t seem to challenge each other as they used to, which, from his perspective, is missing in today’s game.

The left-handed pitcher also said he didn’t think the new pitch clock was needed because players should be able to control their own pace of play. David Wells suggested that analytics have a significant impact on today’s baseball. He indicated that players are guided by certain instructions from analytics, and in his view, this is having a negative impact on the game. 

He is of the opinion that it restricts players from expressing themselves freely and discovering their own unique style of play since they are provided with a predetermined identity. The former star compared this to his era, when the game plan was straightforward: field the best nine players and strive for victory.

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One thought on “David Wells slams Yankees, MLB, sponsors but defends culprit-in-chief Cashman

  1. To : David Wells , I understand wat U are saying but , I believe there’s more to it than what U had said !!!. “CASHMAN” !!! has been making bad decision after bad decision, after bad decision , etc !!!.
    With that saying , Ever since “The Great George. Steinbrenner” passed…it was up to” CASHMAN” to pick up the slack and USE that education from George to make rite decisions for the “YANKEE EMPIRE” !!!.
    HE DID NOT….. UP TO NOW !!!.
    CASHMAN had a big opportunity to bring some quality men into the “Yankee Empire”during the all- star break..”.HE DID NOT” !!!.
    Listen I know the “Retired Yankee GREATS” have a good relationship w “CASHMAN” . And I know Hal has feelings for that “STUNAD CASHMAN” cause he’s known him since he was kid and working 4 his father .But ,when it comes to business and he’s on the”YANKEE EMPIRE PAYROLL.” …..I’m sorry ,,BUSINESS is BUSINESS !!!. AND THAT’S THAT !!!.
    “HE OWES THEM BIG TIME”!!!. “FIRE CASHMAN 😂😂😂” . THE TRUTH HURTS !!!. “U DON’T EJECT FANS HOLDING FIRE CASHMAN SIGNS”!!!. HE SHOULD’VE BEEN FIRED JUST FOR THAT !!!!!!!!. ARE U F-ING KIDDING ME !!!!!!. So if David Wells reads this ,I hope U understand why that P.O.S needs to BE FIRED !!!.

    Maybe DAVID WELLS could be “THE YANKEE EMPIRES” NEXT GENERAL MANAGER!!!. Would that be great !!!!. 👍.

    Enough Said! !!!.

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