Chris Bassit rekindles Aaron Judge’s cheating debate

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The controversy surrounding Aaron Judge’s tendency to glance around has seemingly come to a conclusive end, but some Blue Jays players are trying to keep it alive.

In a conversation with podcaster Chris Rose from Jomboy Media, pitcher Chris Bassitt from the Blue Jays shed light on the team’s viewpoint regarding the incident involving Aaron Judge and whether it was considered fair or not.

According to the podcast released on Monday, the 34-year-old pitcher revealed that the opposing team was aware of their tipping and actively relaying those tips. According to him, while Aaron Judge’s act may have not been illegal, it does fall into a gray area, considering the need for first and third-base coaches to be involved in relaying tips. The argument of whether it is acceptable or not can be debated.

Continuing his statement, he mentioned Aaron Judge‘s response to the situation, stating that he had no issue with it. However, he acknowledged that Aaron Judge’s claim of not knowing about the tipping was indeed false. He expressed that it would be unrealistic to expect Aaron Judge to openly admit that the pitchers were tipping their pitches and that he intended to exploit that knowledge. He believed that the Yankees captain fabricated a story to avoid revealing the truth, reasoning that there was no benefit for him to acknowledge the tipping.

Bassitt’s explanation sheds light on the dispute between the Blue Jays and Yankees during their four-game series from May 15-18.

In the midst of their disagreement, Blue Jays manager John Schneider made public comments regarding the positioning of MLB’s first and third base coaches, which some initially viewed as trivial but now holds greater significance.

During the pivotal at-bat, Aaron Judge briefly diverted his gaze to the right, seemingly directing his attention toward Yankees first base coach Travis Chapman. Shortly after this glance, he unleashed a monstrous 462-foot home run off Blue Jays reliever Jay Jackson.

Aaron Judge of the Yankees at Great American Ballpark, Cincinnati, on May 20, 2023.
Twitter/ Yes

During the decisive at-bat, Aaron Judge looked to his right for an instant, apparently towards Travis Chapman, the Yankees’ first base instructor. Shortly after giving Jay Jackson, the Blue Jays’ relief pitcher, that look, he launched a monster home run that traveled 462 feet.

When confronted with inquiries about the observed glance after the game, both Aaron Judge and Yankees manager Aaron Boone adamantly refuted any allegations of misconduct or impropriety.

Aaron Judge expressed his dissatisfaction with the excessive chatter coming from the Yankees’ dugout during the game, particularly given the scoreline of 6-0. He explained that his intention in calling a timeout was to intervene and maintain focus on his performance. Aaron Judge also mentioned his attempt to identify the individuals involved in the chirping from the dugout. With Boone being ejected from the game, Judge emphasized the need to refocus and get to work.

The Yankees skipper expressed his belief that those who are well-informed and knowledgeable about the situation would understand that there is no wrongdoing or controversy. He expressed confidence that this perspective would prevail as more information becomes available and the situation unfolds.

Toronto responded in a predictable manner, with Schneider promptly dismissing the Yankees’ comments as nonsense. During a pre-game session the following day, he humorously remarked that he found it amusing that the opposing team was concerned about their dugout while their batter was in the box.

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3 thoughts on “Chris Bassit rekindles Aaron Judge’s cheating debate

  1. Let this nonsense go! Aaron Judge is a gentleman in everyway! He has a fine batting average, outstanding defense, he will steal bases and hits home runs at an outstanding pace! He’s an exceptional athlete! He has size and strength, he uses his natural ability to play the game! Toronto players and coaches need to focus on improving their knowledge and abilities ! Instead of being jealous of one of the best players to ever play the game! Do it on the field , not with words of criticism
    ! The WFAN announcers also deserve criticism for making a big deal of something for which no one has any proof! There’s enough fake news being reported everyday. MLB should fine them for reporting negativity and attacking a player’s integrity, I believe they should be fired!

  2. The blue jays are such cry babies , when they loose they look for any thing to whine about .
    You lost the game get over it no cheating you lost .
    The biggest cry baby is the pitcher I forget his name but he chirps all the time ,very tall chubby. Guy .
    Nobody says anything when they do jump and shout about hits and home. Runs , they show great sportsmanship.
    Being they are in Canada take a lesson from the hockey teams shake hands and walk away
    Heads held high . Jack F. Jersey City

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