Brian Cashman destroyed by fans yet again as Yankees practically shut offseason book, Blake Snell pursuit finished

Brian Cashman, general manager of the New York Yankees
Esteban Quiñones
Sunday March 17, 2024

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As the New York Yankees wrap up their offseason activities, General Manager Brian Cashman finds himself at the center of fan ire once again. The recent news of ace pitcher Gerrit Cole’s arm discomfort and subsequent placement on the injury list has left the Yankees’ rotation in a precarious state. This situation had fans clamoring for a significant move, particularly the acquisition of free agent Blake Snell to bolster the pitching staff. However, Cashman’s seemingly dismissive attitude toward these fan-driven suggestions has only fueled the fire of discontent among the Yankees faithful.

Brian Cashman’s response to Blake Snell speculation

In the wake of Cole’s injury, which sidelines him until at least late May or early June, the Yankees are perceived to have a gaping hole in their rotation. Fans and pundits alike pondered the possibility of the Yankees pursuing Snell, a move that would not only address this concern but also send a strong message of intent. However, when probed about the potential acquisition, Cashman’s comments were less than reassuring. His response, as reported by The Athletic’s Chris Kirschner, was laced with a hint of sarcasm: “I keep reading that, too! I’m not allowed to talk about free agents. I actually don’t read it. I hear it.” This remark did not sit well with the fanbase, which took to social media to express their frustration, accusing Cashman of complacency and a lack of commitment to winning.

The sentiment among fans is clear; they view Cashman’s tenure and recent remarks as indicative of a broader issue within the Yankees’ management, one that prioritizes financial caution over competitive ambition. With the team already over the luxury tax threshold, pursuing Snell would indeed be costly. Yet, in the eyes of many fans, this is a price worth paying to secure a championship-caliber team, especially in light of Cole’s absence.

Latest on Yankees ace Gerrit Cole

While the controversy over Cashman’s comments brews, attention also turns to Gerrit Cole’s situation. The ace’s injury is a significant blow to the Yankees, given his pivotal role in the rotation. According to reports from Greg Joyce of the New York Post, Cole remains optimistic about his return this season despite the diagnosis of nerve inflammation and edema in his elbow. The recovery plan does not involve surgery but necessitates a cautious approach, beginning with rest and recovery before gradually ramping up his throwing program.

The Yankees and their fans are understandably anxious about Cole’s prognosis, as his performance and health are critical to the team’s success. Manager Aaron Boone and Cashman have expressed their relief that the injury was not more severe, emphasizing the thoroughness of the medical evaluations Cole underwent.

Gerrit Cole, player of the new york yankees

In the meantime, the Yankees are exploring their internal options to fill the void in their rotation, with Cashman highlighting several potential candidates. However, the specter of Cole’s injury and the ongoing debate over potential acquisitions like Snell will continue to loom large as the season approaches. For the Yankees and their passionate fanbase, the coming months are fraught with uncertainty, high expectations, and the lingering question of whether the current roster can rise to the challenges ahead. What do you think? Leave your comment below!

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5 thoughts on “Brian Cashman destroyed by fans yet again as Yankees practically shut offseason book, Blake Snell pursuit finished

  1. I think the overall situation is still very bad, very unsatisfactory, and even missing super ace Gerrit Cole, they really have to sign Blake Snell as soon as possible without mercy. Coming to replace the huge gap in the starting rotation of super ace Gritko, he also helped and boosted the Yankees’ extremely low morale. If the Yankees want to win or successfully advance to the playoffs, they must make a decisive decision to sign Schnell immediately. Snell, then the Yankees might have a chance to compete with other teams and advance to the playoffs. In fact, to be honest, in order to make the Yankees better and stronger now, they have no choice but to spend money to sign him. . Even if you want to sign, you have to sign. Even if you don’t want to sign, you must sign. Regardless, the Yankees are going to have to sign Blake Snell sooner or later.

    1. No Snell! He is a below average pitcher outside of 2018. Last year, the big difference between between him in 2923 vs 2022, is that he stranded a bunch more runners.

  2. Cashman has disdain for the public in general. Cashman’s biggest issue is not what player(s) he’s added or not added, or dumped or kept, it’s that he has yet to really shake up the coaching staff or any part of the medical team. Why is Luis Rojas back coaching 3B? He IMO should either be the 1B or bench coach. Why is the analytics thing of not using a mound visit to calm down a SP? Blake hasn’t learned anything in his 4 years as PC? Why are guys, every single one of them, regardless of the position, at minimum, finish off their rehab at the major league level? Why hasn’t Cashman asked himself, ‘why do the players over these last few years not tell the medical staff About their injuries?’

  3. Wow, the comment posted above, which was supposedly written by someone identified with the mysterious & BS-looking name of 張天駿 , sounds like it was really written by someone in SCOTT BORAS’ PR department.

    After all, BORAS has been PUBLICLY HUMILIATED this year by his Total Ineptness in handling the contract demands & negotiations for his 4 biggest clients. NO ONE is calling Boras a Super Agent this year, are they? No, more like a Super Arrogant Moron!

    And, tell me, Oh great, unnamed, Asian seer 張天駿, how the hell do you know whether “the Yankees (have) extremely low morale?” when YOU can’t even write your screen name in the Alphabetic Characters used & spoken by most Americans?

    Or are you really Scott Boras or one of his employees, 張天駿?

    Boy, I bet your clients are pissed at you, Scotty. I can just hear them screaming: “Beam me the hell out of here, Scotty, you incompetent piece of sh*t! You screwed up royally on my contract negotiations, moron! And I have to pay you 15% for this sh*tty representation!” — Allegedly screamed by Snell or Bellinger or Montgomery or Chapman, all of whom were Screwed this year by Boras’ Gross Misreading of Their Market Values.

    張天駿, if you exist, Snell isn’t worth $20MM, let alone $80+MM. He’s a glorified Long Reliever, and after he won his first Cy Young, he completely disappeared for about 5+ years as a great pitcher, averaging about 120+ IP a year.

    I’m one of the biggest detractors of Brainless Brian Cashman that there is, but even I Agree with him on NOT signing Snell.

    Of course, the Yankees wouldn’t be in as bad a situation as they are now if Brainless Brian had extend Monty back when he MORONICALLY traded him for Bader.

    Hey, Brainless Brian, did you happen to notice that BADER actually had the word “BAD” imprinted on his freaking name? (And, you is her bad-er at hitting righties!) I’m being sarcastic here, of course, but that trade was Absolutely Indefensible when Brainless Brian made it; and now, once again, the Yankees are paying for Cashman’s gross incompetence as a GM.

    Wake up, Hal! When are you going to notice that his sort of sh*t didn’t happen all the time when Gene Michaels or Bob Watson were Yankee GMs, only under Brainless Brian Cashman’s reign, when they happen Consistently! Hmm, what’s the common thread there, Hal? Come on, Hal, kick start your brain. You can do it, Hal.

  4. The Yankees are big gamblers going into the season with this rag tag starting rotation where two of the starters are HUGE questions marks.

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