Boone hints Aaron Judge’s wish could finally come true this season

Aaron Judge, player of the New York Yankees
Amanda Paula
Friday February 16, 2024

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On Friday, Aaron Judge shared his aspirations during an interview on Sean Casey’s podcast, expressing his fervent desire to occupy the coveted third spot in the lineup. Ironically, on that very same day, Boone hinted that Aaron Judge’s long-held wish might finally come to fruition.

How should Yankees fans believe Aaron Judge will play in the third spot?

Aaron Judge, player of the New York Yankees

Since the Yankees acquired Juan Soto, speculation has swirled about his placement in the batting order. Aaron Boone recently indicated that the 25-year-old isn’t being considered for the leadoff spot, as he prefers DJ LeMahieu for that role. This leaves only two logical options for Soto: second or third in the lineup.

Aaron Judge will slot in wherever Soto doesn’t, forming one of baseball’s most formidable duos. The question remains: who should precede whom?

“I’ve been advocating to Boonie since 2021 that I want to hit third,” Aaron Judge revealed in a recent conversation with Sean Casey on the former Yankees hitting coach’s podcast. “Maybe I’m a bit old-fashioned in that regard, but when I was growing up watching, all the great hitters aimed to be the number three hitter. You want to be the one coming up third, the big, heavy hitter in the back.”

Aaron Judge has logged 1,971 at-bats in the two-hole, far more than in any other position. Nonetheless, Boone confirmed that Judge has persistently lobbied to bat third for about six years now.

“It’s been a six-year campaign,” Boone grinned. After briefly pausing, he added, “He might just get his wish this time.”

Aaron Judge prefers third: Will Boone grant his ‘wish’ to bat behind Soto?

Boone faces an intriguing decision, as he could potentially balance the lineup better with the left-handed Soto hitting second. However, Soto hasn’t always favored batting second.

Aaron Judge acknowledged that he could continue hitting second for the Yankees with Soto behind him. However, Judge’s desire to bat after Soto stems from the latter’s knack for getting on base.

“I’d prefer to hit third, especially with Soto’s ability to get on base,” Judge explained. “He’s a machine when it comes to getting on base and hitting singles, not to mention his power. He’s capable of hitting 30-plus homers every year, but when he’s also drawing over 100 walks and driving in 100 runs, he’s the guy you want hitting in front of you.”

With a laugh, Judge added, “I might have to fight him for the three-hole, but I want to hit behind him.”

Ultimately, the decision rests with Boone. However, regardless of the lineup arrangement Boone settles on, he doesn’t anticipate any resistance from Judge.

“In the end, whatever decision I make, Judge is usually on board,” Boone remarked.

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