Boone admits Padres ‘did well’ in Juan Soto trade coercing Yankees to surrender

Yankees slugger Juan Soto

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The blockbuster trade involving Juan Soto has stirred a range of reactions, with the Padres parting ways with a generational talent but gaining a promising collection of young arms. Now, Yankees manager Aaron Boone has added his perspective to the discussion.

During the “Talkin’ Yanks” podcast, Boone acknowledged the Padres’ success in the trade, particularly in securing Michael King. He revealed that initial negotiations aimed to retain King, but eventually, they relented for the opportunity to acquire Juan Soto.

“We tried different versions…to keep Michael King out,” Boone admitted. “It took a few days…we gave up a good package…the Padres did really well.”

Assessing prospects can be challenging, but the Yankees‘ effort to retain King speaks volumes. According to Boone, their reluctance to let go of King is significant. Delving into King’s statistics further emphasizes why they were hesitant.

At 28, King has two arbitration years before reaching free agency. Since his debut in 2019, he has moved through the Yankees’ system, accumulating 247.2 innings. Notably, over the past three seasons, he pitched 219 innings with an impressive 2.88 ERA and a 3.13 FIP.

Yankees pitcher Michael King

Now transitioning to a more hitter-friendly park, there’s optimism that he could further enhance his performance.

While declaring a definitive “winner” in this trade is premature, a dominant performance from King could alleviate the Yankees’ sense of loss in parting with Juan Soto. The Padres have unquestionably secured a talented arm, but whether he reaches his full potential remains to be seen. King’s performance has the potential to make the Padres regret not prioritizing him in negotiations while simultaneously justifying the Yankees’ initial resistance to let him go.

Boone pins hopes on Juan Soto as an everyday player

The Yankees' top sluggers Aaron Judge and Juan Soto.

The New York Yankees stirred excitement this offseason with the acquisition of phenom Juan Soto from the San Diego Padres. Manager Aaron Boone, expressing confidence, recently outlined his plans to maximize Soto’s impact in the upcoming season.

On the “Talkin’ Yanks” podcast, Boone declared, “If he’s only here for a year, just run him,” emphasizing his belief in Juan Soto’s dedication and eagerness to contribute. This strategy entails regular playing time, primarily in left field, and a likely position batting third in the lineup.

While Boone recognizes the importance of rest for veteran players, he draws a distinction for young stars like Juan Soto and Aaron Judge, noting, “For them, when they’re healthy, the focus is consistency.”


The success of this approach relies on Juan Soto’s impressive durability. Since his debut in 2018, he has led the Major Leagues in walks, showcasing exceptional plate discipline. His 2023 statistics are compelling: 35 home runs, a .275 average, 109 RBIs, and a .930 OPS, accompanied by four consecutive Silver Slugger awards and a sixth-place finish in NL MVP voting.

Juan Soto’s versatility, allowing him to play multiple positions when needed, adds to his value. This tactical flexibility provides the Yankees with an advantage, keeping opponents guessing and optimizing lineup combinations.

While the outcome of the Juan Soto trade remains to be seen, Boone’s clear vision and Soto’s talent have created a formidable duo in the Yankees’ lineup alongside Judge. Baseball enthusiasts can anticipate an electrifying display as these two sluggers light up the scoreboard in the 2024 season.

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